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Study law at the Viadrina!

Traditional & Contemporary

You can study law at Viadrina with the first law examination (state examination), which offers you one of the most comprehensive courses on European law in Germany.

You also have the opportunity to obtain the degree "Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)" after 6 semesters of law studies. This gives you an additional qualification that is almost unique, because the Viadrina is one of the very few universities that awards a Bachelor of Laws degree in this way. And if you fail your first law exam (which we don't expect to happen), you will still have a Bachelor's degree.


More interdisciplinarity is not possible! The Bachelor's degree programs "Law and Economics | Economics and Law" and "Law and Politics / Politics and Law", which are offered jointly with the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, respectively, lead to a first professional degree (LL.B. or B.Sc. or LL.B. or B.A.), which qualifies you in particular to work in business enterprises or in institutions of public administration, international organizations or in agencies for public relations and media.


We offer you the German-Polish Law Program initiated together with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with the "Magister of Law" and "Bachelor | Master of German and Polish Law", which you will not find at other German or Polish universities. To help you prepare for your studies, we have designed two language programs for you.

Our Master's programs complete our offer and provide you with the possibility of specialization according to your interests or aspired professional perspectives after the first professional degree.

Recommended reading in preparation for studies

Karl Engisch, Einführung in das juristische Denken, 12. Auflage 2018
ISBN: 978-3-17-035180-6

Fritjof Haft, Einführung in das juristische Lernen, 7. Auflage 2015
ISBN: 978-3-7694-1143-0

Silke Glossner/Tobias Dallmayer, Jura – erfolgreich studieren, Für Schüler und Studenten, 8. Auflage 2021
ISBN: 978-3-406-76998-6

Franz Peter Dyrchs, Ist JURA das Richtige für mich?, Ein Dialog mit dem Jurastudium 2020
ISBN 978-3-8006-6443-6

Scholarships for bilingual WG's

Dear students at the European University Viadrina in study programs with at least 40% courses at the Faculty of Law!

The Gebrüder Humboldt Vereinigung e.V. offers up to five scholarships for Polish and Ukrainian-German residential communities.
Their academic training is usually supported with 100 - 200 €/month.

The scholarship is initially granted for just under a year, from the winter semester until July or from the summer semester until February of the following year. It ends prematurely if the necessary requirements are no longer confirmed.

Prof. Dr. Kaspar Frey

Please send inquiries informally by e-mail.

Scholarship requirements‎

  • actually living together in an apartment in Frankfurt (Oder) or Słubice and at least
  • one resident is enrolled in or has applied for one of the specified study programs and is a native speaker of Polish or Ukrainian, but is not a native speaker of German
  • one resident is a native speaker of German and a non-native or non-native speaker of Polish or Ukrainian.

Selection criteria for initial award:
The educational grades, low number of semesters, law portion of studies.

Selection criteria for the amount of the scholarship:
The rent and the general level of rent in the place of residence. As a rule, shared flats in Słubice are supported with 100 € and in Frankfurt (Oder) with 200 € per month. In the 1st semester of funding, higher amounts are conceivable to cover relocation costs.

Selection criteria for the continuation of the scholarship:
Joint attendance and voluntary commitment at the place of residence, good uni grades and linguistic progress.