Study and Semester Organization

Semester Organization

If you wish to continue your studies in the coming semester, you must re-register by paying the semester contribution.

The re-registration deadline is approximately the last 5 lecture weeks of each semester. You can find the exact dates under Dates and Deadlines

As soon as the semester contribution has arrived in full to our account (and has been assigned to your viaCampus account) and all other requirements have been met (e.g. no re-registration block is in place), we will automatically re-register you.

Only payments received on this account and within the re-registration deadline can be considered.

If the deadline is missed, a late fee of currently 15,00 € has to be paid. If no re-registration is made, exmatriculation will be initiated.

The semester ticket does not apply to

  • Guest and secondary students
  • Students in part-time and online courses of study
  • Severely disabled persons who are entitled to transportation according to the Severely Disabled Persons Act (Schwerbehindertengesetz) and who are in possession of the supplementary sheet with the corresponding tokens.

Exempt from the re-registration fee are:

  • Students who are on leave of absence from their studies due to.
    - illness
    - care for close relatives within the meaning of the Nursing Time Act (Pflegezeitgesetz)
    - Maternity protection / parental leave
    - compulsory military service or civilian service
  • foreign guest students studying at the Viadrina within the framework of a university partnership
  • foreign students who receive study support from a scholarship program that is financed in whole or in part by federal or state funds
  • students who are simultaneously enrolled at another university in Brandenburg or Berlin and have already paid the fee there

Please update the validity period on your card after you have re-registered at one of the validation stations, one of which is located in the waiting area of the Enrollment and Examination Office (Audimax building) and one in the Gräfin Dönhoff building (left on the first floor, under the screen).

Students can be granted leave of absence upon application if there is an important reason and proper study is not possible. The application must be submitted to the Enrollment Office within the specified deadlines. In justified cases, a leave of absence is also permissible outside the deadlines.

Leave of absence is granted for one semester only. It can be extended for another semester if the reason for the leave of absence still exists.
The application must be accompanied by appropriate evidence, including the duration of the stated reason for the leave of absence. Leave of absence can only be granted if at least half of the lecture period is affected. A leave of absence can be withdrawn at any time, even if the semester has already expired.

A leave of absence for the first semester is not permitted. Further information can be found directly on the application for leave of absence.

Special information on leave of absence due to parental leave

Mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave until the child reaches the age of 3. A portion of up to twelve months of the maximum three-year parental leave may also be carried over to the child's 8th birthday.

An entitlement to parental leave exists if the child lives in the same household as the applicant and is mainly cared for and brought up by the applicant him/herself.

Parental leave can also be taken by both parents at the same time. However, parental leave is limited to a total of up to three years for each child.

Leave of absence request

Students of Viadrina have the possibility to apply for part-time studies. The following conditions apply:

Part-time study must be applied for at least two semesters.
In these two semesters, a maximum of 30 ECTS credits may be earned or, in the case of non-modularized study programmes, half of the credits to be earned according to the study plan may be completed.
If these limits are exceeded, students revert retroactively to full-time studies. In this case, a new application with unchanged reasons is generally no longer possible.
Each semester within the part-time study programme is counted as a half semester, so two part-time semesters add up to one semester.

Reasons for part-time studies

Part-time study is possible if students are unable to complete full-time studies for personal reasons.

Personal reasons are in particular:

  • Care of a child
  • Care of a close relative
  • Disability or chronic illness
  • Professional activity with at least 15 working hours per week
  • Other personal reasons may be recognized in individual cases and must be supported with appropriate evidence on the application.


  • Applications can be submitted to the Enrollment Office until the end of the re-registration period (enrollment period for first semester students).
  • Proof of personal reasons is required.
  • A repeated application is possible, but requires academic progress.

In addition, the conclusion of a binding academic progress agreement with the examination board is obligatory in the following study programmes:

  • German and Polish Law/Bachelor
  • German and Polish Law/Master
  • European Business Law (as of PO 2019)
  • Double and Triple Degrees

For all other degree programmes, an academic progress agreement is not required.

Please note that

Part-time students have the same status as full-time students and must pay the full semester fee.
BAföG funding and part-time studies are mutually exclusive.
In the State Examination programme of the Faculty of Law, part-time semesters are counted as full semesters when calculating the semesters for claiming the free attempt regulation (§ 13 BbgJAO), and part-time studies are consequently not taken into account here.

In the study programmes Magister des Rechts, German and Polish Law, in continuing Master's programmes as well as in study programmes with multiple degrees, exceptions apply, which you can inquire about at the student advisory service.

Request form for individual part time study

Exmatriculation upon application

To apply for exmatriculation, please submit the application form to the Enrollment Office.

You may also apply for de-registration by mail. Send the application to

European University Viadrina
Enrollment Office
Große Scharrnstraße 59
D - 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

In principle, de-registration takes place at the end of a semester, on request also on the current date. Please note that in this case the semester ticket also loses its validity on the current date. Retroactive exmatriculation is not possible.

If you have already been re-registered for the following semester at the time of exmatriculation, you must also submit your student ID (chip card).

A refund of the amounts paid for the following semester is only possible if the application for exmatriculation is received by the Enrollment Office before the start of the lecture period.

As of the beginning of the lecture period, exmatriculation upon application at the end of the previous semester and thus a partial or complete refund of the semester contribution by the university is no longer possible.

For partial refunds for the semester ticket, please contact the General Student Committee (AStA) with your exmatriculation certificate.

Exmatriculation ex officio

Exmatriculation is ex officio, i.e. without own application, according to § 7 (3) of the matriculation regulations of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), if

  • the final examination has been passed
  • a compulsory examination has been irrevocably failed
  • fees or contributions due have not been paid in spite of a reminder and threat of exmatriculation
  • the studies may not be continued in any degree program
  • someone has been subject to the disciplinary measure of exmariculation

Exmatriculation due to passing the final examination

Students are exmatriculated ex officio at the end of the semester in which they passed the final examination; exmatriculation on the last day of the examination is possible upon application, but not retroactively.

The semester in which the last examination of the degree program was taken is decisive, not the date on which the results were announced. Depending on the course of study, this can be the day of submission of the thesis or an examination day. If the Examinations Office learns of the completion of studies late, this can also lead to retroactive exmatriculation in individual cases.

In case of doubt, please contact the examination office responsible for you for advice.


The exmatriculation certificate is available for download on viaCampus after the exmatriculation application has been processed. Your access to your Viadrina account as well as to viaCampus and the other systems will remain for six months after exmatriculation. Save certificates of study and achievement externally for later use. There is a fee for issuing additional copies.

Request exmatriculation

Summer semester 2024

for first-year students: 346,90 Euro
for enrolled students: 340,90 Euro

This is how the semester contribution is made up:
100,00 € student union fee
13,50 € student body contribution
51,00 € registration or re-registration fee
176,40 € Compulsory semester ticket
6,00 € Student ID (only for first-year students)

Winter semester 2023/24

for first-year students: 370,50 Euro
for enrolled students: 364,50 Euro

This is how the semester contribution is made up:
100,00 € student union fee
13,50 € student body contribution
51,00 € registration or re-registration fee
200,00 € compulsory semester ticket
6,00 € Student ID (only for first-year students)

First-year students

For successful enrollment at Viadrina, proof of payment of the semester contribution, among other things, must be submitted with the enrollment documents. Accepted are e.g. bank statements, receipts of the deposit at the bank or printouts of the online transaction. Evidence that only shows the instruction of the payment execution such as remittance slips will not be accepted. The fee of € 6.00 included in the fee covers the costs for the initial creation of the student ID (chip card).

Enrolled students

Students who wish to continue their studies at the Viadrina must re-register for the following semester within a deadline set by the University. Valid re-registration means that the full amount has been received by the Viadrina bank account before end of the re-registration period.
You can view the status of the respective posting in viaCampus under My Studies > Student Services > Invoices and Payments.

Please transfer the semester fee to the following account:

Recipient: European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)
IBAN: DE27 1705 5050 3600 3655 91
reason for payment: matriculation number

Bank charges:

If your payment is not made within the SEPA area, you will have to pay bank charges. Bank charges are at your expense.

If the receiving bank receives payments from abroad (outside the SEPA area), fees of 12.50 EUR are currently to be expected.

Since the summer semester of 2001, all students in the state of Brandenburg have been required to pay a registration and re-registration fee.

Exempt from this fee are

  • foreign students who study at Viadrina due to an exchange program (Erasmus, Bard-College, Reims, Guelph,...)
  • foreign students who receive a scholarship from federal or state funds
  • students who are on leave of absence due to illness, care of close relatives in the sense of the "Pflegezeitgesetz", maternity/parental leave or compulsory military or civilian service
  • Students who are simultaneously enrolled at another university in Brandenburg or Berlin and have already paid the fee there.

Each student receives a personalized student ID in form of a chip card upon enrollment.


  • student ID card
  • library card
  • semester ticket
  • cashless payment for the canteen and public photocopiers at the university

Duplicate Student ID
The ID card is only issued once.

However, if your ID card is damaged, lost or your name changes, you can submit a Request for a duplicate student ID during office hours at the Matriculation Office or at the Service Point during opening hours.

Validation station
Here you can update the validity imprint of your student ID card yourself during the opening hours of the university buildings.

Top-up station
Here you can top up your student ID card with money using your debit card during the opening hours of the university buildings.

Stations are located here:

  • Validation: in the waiting area of the Department of Student Affairs in the Auditorium-maximum building (upper entrance Audimax)
  • Top-up station: in the Gräfin-Dönhoff-Building (in the atrium, left below the screen)
  • Validation and Top-up station: in the main building (to the right of the main staircase).
Info sheet

All students pay a social contribution each semester to the Student Union for the use of social facilities ("Mensa", dormitories, counseling,

Social contribution for the Studentenwerk

The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) is responsible for creating a social infrastructure for the universities in South and Eastern Brandenburg. We are operating catering facilities, student homes and we are taking care of the educational grants, particularly the implementation of the Federal Training Assistance Act. We also offer financial loans and consultation in the social and cultural sector.

With this range of services, the Studentenwerk is an important part of the German higher education system for more equal opportunities and efficiency in studies.

Student membership fee

With your contribution to the student body you finance, among other things:

  • the work of the student bodies (student parliament, general student committee, student councils of law, kuwi and wiwi)
  • the support of various student initiatives (this year ELSA, VCG, fforst, Stuck and Kunstgriff)
  • the support of numerous projects and project trips (last year, among others, the Frankfurt-Slubice Pride, a lecture series by the Critical Lawyers, Art at the Border, the Hearing Festival, raised beds on campus, concerts by the Viaphoniker, Tanz in den Mai, memorial trip to Auschwitz, and many more)
  • subsidies for students with low incomes, e.g. for learning materials or the semester ticket
  • the preservation and expansion of university sports at the Viadrina (USC)

Since the summer semester 2000 there is a semester ticket at the European University. It is obligatory for all students and valid for 6 months.

Students who belong to one of the following groups are exempt from the obligation to pay the fee:

  • Students who are not members of the student body of the European University Viadrina or who do not receive a student card from the university,
  • Students in distance and online study programs,
  • students who are enrolled in part-time study programs,
  • severely disabled students who are entitled to transportation according to the Ninth Book of the Social Security Code (SGB IX), and
  • Students who are enrolled at another university in the states of Berlin or Brandenburg and receive a VBB semester ticket there.

Students who can prove that they belong to one of the following groups are exempt from the obligation to pay fees upon application:

  • Physically impaired students who are unable to use local public transportation due to their impairment. This includes temporary impairments if they also preclude the use of public transportation for the semester,
  • Students who have been duly granted leave of absence by the European University Viadrina,
  • students who are ill at the time of re-registration and as a result would be entitled to leave of absence by the European University Viadrina,
  • Students who, due to their studies, are staying outside of the network tariff area for at least four - in justified exceptional cases also three - consecutive months of the respective semester during an internship semester, a semester abroad, or in the context of their final thesis, and who are not on leave of absence, and
  • students who are in possession of a company ticket.

With the semester ticket you can use the the regional public transport network (including the regional express, but not the Inter City Express (IC) or the Euro City Express (EC)) within the entire Verkehrsverbund Berlin/Brandenburg (VBB). The bicycle transport is not included. The current prices, conditions and areas of validity for the semester tickets of the universities in the
of Berlin and Brandenburg can be obtained from the VBB-Infocenter at 030 - 25 41 41.

The semester ticket must be paid together with the semester contribution. The exemption from the semester ticket can only be applied for within the re-registration period.

Status: 06 March 2024

From the summer semester 2024, the semester ticket will be available as a discounted nationwide Germany semester ticket for €176.40 per semester. The draft contract for the Germany semester ticket provides for fundamental changes to the groups of people who are entitled to the Germany semester ticket.

The following groups of people are not entitled to a ticket and are excluded from using the Germany semester ticket:

  • Guest participants and visiting students,
  • Students who are exclusively enrolled in an evening, online or distance learning course without compulsory attendance ("distance learning students"),
  • Severely disabled persons who are entitled to transportation in accordance with SGB (Sozialgesetzbuch) IX and who can prove that they are in possession of the supplementary sheet to the severely disabled person's pass and the corresponding token,
  • Students in extra occupational (part-time) degree programs,
  • Students who can prove that they are taking a semester off or a semester abroad,
  • Students who are enrolled in supplementary, additional or postgraduate courses or who are taking part in continuing education courses,
  • Doctoral students.

The following groups of people can be exempted from the Germany semester ticket upon application:

  • Students who are unable to use public transportation due to their disability. This also includes temporary disabilities if they also preclude the use of local public transport for the semester. A medical certificate is required as proof.
  • Students who spend at least three consecutive months of the respective semester outside the area of validity of the Germany semester ticket due to their studies, an internship semester, a semester abroad or as part of their final thesis,
  • Students who are enrolled at two universities with a Germany semester ticket, in this case the ticket can be refunded at one university.

The semester ticket must be paid together with the semester fee. Exemption from the semester ticket can only be applied for within the re-registration period.

Non-use of the semester ticket and the existence of a company ticket do not constitute grounds for exemption.

The Germany semester ticket will probably only be available in digital form. From April 1, 2024, the chip card can no longer be used as a semester ticket.

What happens next?

The fees to be paid have been adjusted in viaCampus and will be refunded soon.

We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we have final information.


Study Organisation

All courses are displayed in the viaCampus course catalog. The faculties partly provide additional pdf-versions.

Show university course catalog

Here you can find all exam dates and further information about the respective faculties.


On the following pages you will find the current regulations of the study programs of the European University Viadrina.


On the following pages you will find the official announcements, current legal texts as well as the study and examination regulations of the European University Viadrina.


Culture, sports, going out and shopping. Here you will find everything you need to know about the region and life around campus.

Mehr erfahren

In addition to the classic BAföG, there are other methods of financing a course of study.
Here you will find an overview of all scholarships, foundations and other financial aid in the form of bridging grants or hardship loans.

Mehr erfahren

Health insurance

Proof of health insurance status is required for enrollment.
Your health insurance company will issue you with a corresponding certificate to prove whether you are

  • insured
  • exempt from insurance
  • exempt from compulsory insurance
  • not subject to compulsory insurance.

The insurance certificate must be submitted with the documents for enrollment at the university. In case of a change of university, a new insurance certificate must be submitted.

Attention: No enrollment without submission of a health insurance certificate!

Accident insurance

As a student, you are legally insured against accidents within the university and on the way between the university and your home. The Studentenwerk takes out a leisure time accident insurance policy for all students from the semester fees. Please direct any queries regarding your accident report to:

Accident inside the university:
Dezernat für Studentische Angelegenheiten
Arite Fuhrmann, AM 05
Telefon+49 335 5534 4240

Leisure Accident:
Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder)
Telefon +49 335 5650 939 oder +49 335 5650 940

For prospective students and students with chronic physical or mental illnesses and disabilities, there are a number of ways to receive individual support in their studies. Below you will find important information about studying with health impairments.


The Viadrina would like to support students in balancing their studies and family and offers family-friendly study conditions so that the balance between studies and family succeeds.

On the following pages you will find information on the topics:

  • Information for parents-to-be
  • Study planning
  • Childcare
  • Financial support
  • Other support
  • Links and reading tips

Here you will find a detailed overview with maps and galleries of all facilities and buildings of the European University Viadrina.



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