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Research Spotlight

190913-01_078 ©MATT STARK Photography

Our current research spotlight falls on Professor Jochen Koch, who has recently been honored with the Decade Award of the Academy of Management Review for the paper "Organizational Path Dependence: Opening the Black Box", published together with Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Georg Schreyögg (both FU Berlin). 

In our interview, Mr. Koch explains central aspects of the honored article and discusses ideas on how to support researchers as well as doctoral and postdoctoral candidates. We are grateful for the contribution.

Dear Professor Koch,

the paper „Organizational Path Dependence: Opening the Black Box”, written together with your colleagues Sydow and Schreyögg (both FU Berlin), has been honored with the Decade Award of the Academy of Management Review, one of the leading journals in the area of Management. The paper has collected a remarkable number of citations since it was published in 2009 (currently ca. 1500 on Google Scholar). Could you briefly summarize its central contents?

Our theory deals with the question how structures and processes in organizations, as well as between organizations, in economic systems, and in society at large, become ultra-stable, so that they can be changed barely or only through very strong efforts. We call this state “lock-in”, and our theory explains systematically how situations that offer many options for decisions and actions can develop, through specific mechanisms and their interactions, into situations in which systems only have very few courses of action left. Such processes are path-dependent in the sense that it is not their initial conditions, but the many events and decisions over time that progressively form a path describing and explaining this development. We assume that (oftentimes random) events and (side effects of) decisions lead to the initiation of such a process and to continuous self-enforcing until it finally reaches a lock-in stage. [...]

 Completed Dissertations

This section presents a selection of recently completed, excellent PhD projects as chosen by the Faculties. Our congratulations!

Faculty of Law

Portraitfoto_Heil ©Benedict Heil

Benedict Heil: IT-Anwendung im Zivilprozess - Untersuchung zur Anwendung künstlicher Intelligenz im Recht und zum strukturierten elektronischen Verfahren

 [Detailed information in German]

Lichtbild Hollwitz Hochformat ©Hanna Hollwitz

Hanna Hollwitz: Ein wohlgeordnetes Agrarstrukturverbesserungsgesetz im föderalen Deutschland: Neue Perspektiven für das landwirtschaftliche Grundstücksverkehrsrecht

Structural changes in agriculture with constantly rising land prices, land concentrations in the assets of few companies, investments by venture entities and digitalisation negatively affect access to land for smaller enterprises. [...]

Melz, Joanna ©Joanna Melz

Joanna Melz: Öffentlichkeitsfahndung im Internet - Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Recht und Praxis

[Detailed information in German]

Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences

Lira ©Camila de Lira Santos

Camila de Lira Santos: Schriftspracherwerb des Portugiesischen als Herkunftssprache: Sprachkontaktphänomene bilingualer deutsch-brasilianischer Kinder

[Detailed information in German]

Jan Pöhlmann_Foto ©Jan Pöhlmann

Jan Pöhlmann: Die Implementierung des Gesetzes der Kooffizialisierung von Sprachen in Brasilien

Considering that Brazil has historically instituted a monolingualism in Portuguese, the Law of Co-officialization of Languages has, since 2002, represented a pioneer project. It envisions the transformation of Brazilian municipalities into multilingual spaces. [...]


Hannah Reuter: Sprachpolitik von unten: Niederdeutsch in der Erwachsenenbildung. Regionalsprachenunterricht zwischen lokaler Normierung, Regionalisierung und überregionaler Standardisierung
[Detailed information in German]

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

190913-01_158_Sarah_Stanske ©MATT STARK Photography

Sarah Stanske: Born out of Boredom: Tracing Identity-Challenging Innovations in an Established Organization

While past studies have highlighted how established organizations struggle to realize innovations which challenge their understanding of ‘who are we as an organization?’, less is known how existing organizations can embrace such innovations proactively. [...]

Third-Party Funding for Research Projects

This category introduces externally funded research projects with a volume exceeding 100.000 € . We would like to congratulate all researchers to their success! 

Martin Eisend: „Personalisierung in der Marketingkommunikation: Eine Metaanalyse“

German Research Foundation (DFG), Volume: 136.600 €

The rise of digital information and communication technologies has increased the application of personalized communication to address consumers through, for example, personalized emails or online retargeting advertising. Despite the academic attention on personalized communication, there is neither a unified definition nor a common framework of personalization. [...]

b7k+PHOTOGRAPHY_kocher ©Olusegun Adekanye

Bild_Emunds_kleiner ©

Eva Kocher und Bernhard Emunds (Hochschule St. Georgen): „Modelle der Live-in-Pflege. Rechtswissenschaftliche und sozialethische Vorschläge zur Weiterentwicklung einer personenbezogenen Dienstleistung“

Hans Böckler Stiftung, Volume: 182.315 €

[Detailed information in German]

Recent Publications

In this section, we present to you a choice of recent publications as selected by the Faculties and the Central Scientific Institutions. 

 Faculty of Law

Gudrun Hochmayr, Dawid Ligocki: Endlich das Zeugnisverweigerungsrecht für Lebensgefährten? In: Zeitschrift für Internationale Strafrechtsdogmatik, 11/2019, S. 540-547. 

[Detailed information in German]

Eva Kocher: Transnationales Arbeitsrecht? "Corporate Social Responsibility" und Internationales Recht. In: Archiv des Völkerrechts 2, 2019, S. 183-206. 

[Detailed information in German]

Malolepszy ©Verlag Duncker & Humblot

Maciej Małolepszy (Hg.): Die Kriterien und das Verfahren der Richterwahl für die ordentliche Gerichtsbarkeit in Europa im Rechtsvergleich. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2019. 

[Detailed information in German]

Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences

Cover Macht und Architektur ©Springer VS

Michael Minkenberg, Macht und Architektur. Hauptstadtbau, Demokratie und die Politik des Raumes. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2020.

[Detailed information in German]

3436_6_Blondzhende_Stern_SB_MW ©Wallstein

Kerstin Schoor, Ievgeniia Voloshchuk, Borys Bigun (Hg.): Blondzhende Stern. Jüdische Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller aus der Ukraine als Grenzgänger zwischen den Kulturen in Ost und West. Göttingen: Wallstein, 2020.

[Detailed information in German]

deutsch-ukrainische-kulturbez_worschech ©Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)

Worschech, Susann: Deutsch-ukrainische Kulturbeziehungen. Veränderungen nach dem Euromaidan (ifa-Edition Kultur und Außenpolitik). Stuttgart: ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), 2020.

[Detailed information in German]

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Christian Doppstadt, Achim Koberstein, Daniele Vigo: The Hybrid Electric Vehicle-Travelling Salesman Problem with time windows. In: European Journal of Operational Research 284 (2), 2020, S. 675-692. 

In this paper, we extend the Hybrid Electric Vehicle – Traveling Salesman Problem (HEV-TSP) that deploys hybrid electric vehicles for customer delivery tours, by considering that customers must be served within given time windows. This feature makes the problem very difficult to solve. We developed a Variable Neighborhood Search based heuristic solution method, which is able to handle hybrid electric vehicle problems with a realistic number of customers. [...]

Martin Eisend, Lachezar Ivanov, Tomás Bayón: Gendering Conversational Humor in Advertising: An Evolutionary Explanation of the Effects of Spontaneous Versus Canned Humor. In: International Journal of Advertising 38/7, 2019, S. 979-999.

In this paper, we rely on evolutionary psychology to examine how the use of spontaneous versus canned humor affects response to advertising among male and female consumers. The results of three experimental studies indicate that response to advertising varies as a function of the type of humor employed and the gender of the message recipient: [...]

Wolfgang Schmid, David Bauder, Taras Bodnar, Nestor Parolya: Bayesian inference of the multi-period optimal portfolio for an exponential utility. In: Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 175, 2020, S. 1-22.

We consider the estimation of the multi-period optimal portfolio obtained by maximizing an exponential utility. Employing the Jeffreys non-informative prior and the conjugate informative prior, we derive stochastic representations for the optimal portfolio weights at each time point of portfolio reallocation. [...]

European New School of Digital Studies (ENS)

Jürgen Neyer: The Fourth Transformation of Democracy in Europe - Deliberation and the Responsibility of Europe. In: Revue Internationale des Gouvernements Ouverts, Vol. 8, 2019, S. 1-16. 

When Robert Dahl coined the term of the “third transformation of democracy” (Dahl, 1994), he could not foresee the emergence of a transnational network society. Only twenty-five years after the publication of his article, we are in the midst of a fourth transformation of democracy in Europe. [...]

Jürgen Neyer: Polanyi and the Next Great Transformation. The What and Why of a European Digital Society. 

This essay applies the lessons of Karl Polanyi’s work on capitalism’s great transformation in the 19th and 20th century to its contemporary digital transformation. It starts with sketching the new global context in which the debate on regulating digital capitalism is embedded and argues that the European Union is well advised to strengthen its normative identity by developing a specific European regulatory approach to digital capitalism. [...]

Institute for Conflict Management (IKM)

Anne Kraus, Owen Frazer, Lars Kirchhoff, Tatiana Kyselova, Simon Mason, Julia Palmiano Federer: Dilemmas and Trade-Offs in Peacemaking: A Framework for Navigating Difficult Decisions. In: Politics and Governance, 7(4), 2019, S. 331-342.

This article focuses on the dilemmas and trade-offs that third parties face when mediating violent political conflicts. Should they ignore human rights violations because pushing the issue could jeopardize relationships with political actors who grant access for humanitarian aid? Will bringing moderates and hardliners together help the peace process or radicalize moderate actors? [...]

Christian Hochmuth, René Krempkow, Helmut Sankowsky, Udo Thelen, Anna Tschaut, Jörg Wadzack: Wissenschaftsmanager stärken Strategiefähigkeit. In: DUZ Wissenschaft&Management, Ausgabe 03/2020, S. 26-32.

[Detailed information in German]

Koordinationsstelle Wissensaustausch Außenpolitik, Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Hamburg, Institut für Konfliktmanagement der Europa-Universität Viadrina: Auswirkungen der Covid19-Pandemie auf fragile Kontexte und außenpolitische Instrumente. Veröffentlichung über das Auswärtige Amt und die beteiligte Universitäten, 2020. 

[Detailed information in German]

Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Beichelt_Valentin_Liminality ©Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Timm Beichelt, Lea Valentin: Liminality and Transnationalism. Two Forces upon Shifting Borders in Contemporary Europe (= Working Paper Series B/ORDERS IN MOTION, hg. v. Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, Nr. 7), Frankfurt (Oder), 2020. 

The working paper presents two analytical concepts to examine territorial borders: liminality and transnationalism. The combination of both concepts offers an approach to borders and migration practices which takes borders not simply as a point of departure but puts border zones and their transgressions to the center of attention, revealing their ambiguous, in-between character. [...]

Janczak Borders ©Logos Verlag

Jarosław Jańczak (Hg.): Old Borders – New Challenges, New Borders – Old Challenges. De-Bordering and Re-Bordering in Contemporary Europe, Berlin: Logos Verlag, 2019.

The aim of this publication is to reflect, conceptually and empirically, on border processes in Europe, paying special attention to the most current border-related developments, with a special focus on the processes of de-bordering and re-bordering. [...]

Border Experiences ©Nomos Verlag

Konstanze Jungbluth, Florian Dost, Nicole Richter: Betweenness and the emergence of order. In: Christian Wille,  Birte Nienaber (Hg.): Border Experiences in Europe. Everyday Life - Working Life - Communication - Languages (= Border Studies. Cultures, Spaces, Orders, hg. v. Astrid Fellner, Christian Wille, Konstanze Jungbluth, Hannes Krämer, Vol. 1), Baden-Baden: NOMOS Verlag, 2020, S. 193-216. 

[Detailed information in German]

Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies (ZIP)

Frank Grelka, Beutekunst und Kunstraub. Sowjetische Restitutionspraxis in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone Deutschlands. In: Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, Band 67, Heft 1, 2019, S. 73–104.

[Detailed information in German]

Vergessene_Grenze ©be.bra Verlag

Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast, Uwe Rada (Hrsg.): Die vergessene Grenze. Eine deutsch-polnische Spurensuche von Oberschlesien bis zur Ostsee, Berlin: be.bra Verlag, 2. bearbeitete Ausgabe 2020. 

[Detailed information in German]

Steinkamp ©Springer VS

Anna M. Steinkamp: Strategien und Ressourcen für die Internationalisierung - Fallbeispiele erfolgreicher Unternehmer im deutsch-polnischen Grenzraum. Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2020.

[Detailed information in German]

Forschungsdatenbank ©m-bar