Campus and Life

Boundlessly beautiful.

At the cross-border education location of Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice, around 5,000 young people from over 100 countries study at the European University Viadrina and the Collegium Polonicum.

At the Viadrina, you can study under good supervision at a small, top university, live inexpensively in the German-Polish twin city - and experience the pulsating life of the big city at the weekend, just an hour's train ride from Berlin.

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Campus and Life


Site Plans and Buildings

Would you like to get a detailed overview of the campus? Here you will find site plans as well as galleries of the university buildings, 360-degree views, opening hours and information on public transport.

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Live in Poland, study in Germany - this is only possible at the Viadrina. Whether in a residence Hall, a shared flat or your own flat: You will find your accommodation in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice.

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Food and Drinks

The Studentenwerk offers a wide range of lunch options in the refectory with a wide variety of options. In addition, other cafeterias and bistros as well as a refectory in the Collegium Polonicum in all university buildings cater for students' physical well-being.

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At first glance, the double city of Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice may not appear to have a great cultural wealth. That makes it all the more fun to discover the lively diversity of art, culture and lifestyle for yourself. And once immersed in the life around the campus, the choice seems limitless.

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Whether fencing, dancing, rowing, fitness, martial arts, ball sports, sauna or archery - with numerous sports and tournaments, the Universitätssportclub Viadrina e. V. (USC) offers a wide variety of activities and a great way to meet new people.

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Student Initiatives and Committees

The numerous student initiatives and committees enrich life at the Viadrina with their various activities and offers.

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