Living, Housing, Leisure

Living around Campus

Dormitories in Frankfurt (Oder)

The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) offers one- to five-room apartments in a total of five residence halls. Details about the rooms (prices, room sizes, amenities, etc.) and individual residence halls, as well as the required applications, can be found on the "Wohnen" pages of the Studentenwerk.

Dormitories in Słubice

If you want to try out the German-Polish vision of the Viadrina and get to know the country and its people as well as your Polish fellow students better, a Polish dormitory is the right place for you! The dormitories are all located not far from the European University and are also especially interesting for German students because of the low cost of living.

Living in Frankfurt (Oder)

There is plenty of space to live and feel good in Frankfurt (Oder): Daycare places without waiting times, international atmosphere without a lot of noise and short distances to everything that is important. The prospects of the location between the Capital region and Eastern Europe are particularly impressive.

verbuendungshaus fforst

Außenansicht verbuendungshaus fforst

Living in the “verbuendungshaus fforst“

The “verbuendungshaus fforst“ offers students to live in shared flats. This community currently includes 35 fförsties, who live three minutes away from the Viadrina campus and the city centre. Among them are students from all disciplines at the Viadrina, but also young professionals. In the shared flats, students have the option of having their own room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The focus here is on communal living.

Guest House "Hedwig von Schlesien"

The study and guest house "Hedwig of Silesia", self-administered by the Ecumenical Student Work Frankfurt (Oder), promotes rapprochement and contact between German and Polish students of Christian character and sometimes offers free rooms.

Viadrina Guest House for Visiting Scientists

The guest house is located at Sophienstraße 6 in Frankfurt (Oder), not far from the European University Viadrina and the city center.

In the guest house there are 11 fully equipped 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments. The apartments are between 27,5 m² and 72,3 m² in size. They have complete furnishing, radio, television, telephone, kitchenette and bathroom. The apartments are primarily rented to guest scientists of the university.

On the ground floor of the building there is a seminar room for 25 persons (seating with chairs and tables), row seating for up to 50 persons is possible. Conferences, workshops, academic festivities and seminars can be held there. An overhead projector is available as a fixed inventory, further technology can be provided on request.

Ines Reinhold

Dezernat IV

Food and Drinks

In Frankfurt (Oder), the Studentenwerk offers a wide range of lunch options with a wide variety of options in the refectory at the GD. In addition, other cafeterias and bistros as well as a canteen in the Collegium Polonicum in all university buildings cater to your physical well-being.

And if you need a change...
If you get hungry quickly, there is a classic kebab stand, a Chinese snack bar, Subways, an Arab snack bar, an ice cream shop, etc. in the Oderturm (opposite the main building) and on the central Brunnenplatz.


Sports for Students at the Viadrina

Fencing, dancing, rowing, fitness, martial arts, ball sports, sauna or archery.

With numerous sports and tournaments, the Universitätssportclub Viadrina e. V. (USC) offers a wide variety of activities and a great way to meet new people. The sports department of the AStA of the Viadrina also organizes other sports activities and competitions during the academic year.



Oxford on the Oder

Similar to the British model, a student rowing regatta is held annually in Frankfurt, in which students from the faculties compete against each other. Training takes place in spring. In July, during the Hanseatic City Festival "Bunter Hering", they compete on the Oder. For more information, please contact the Frankfurter Ruder-Club von 1882 e.V.