A sponsorship program of the Viadrina

Foreigners become friends

Every year, the European University Viadrina welcomes more than 1000 students and scientists from all over the world. The stay of foreign guests should not only extend to the premises of our university, but also to the city of Frankfurt (Oder) and its citizens. One can only really get to know a host country and its culture if one gains direct contact with its inhabitants.

Therefore, the European University had the idea to establish a sponsorship program for foreign students. The guests should feel welcome from the beginning of their stay by getting to know citizens of Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice. The university is looking for host families who would like to help provide first impressions of the city and take advantage of such sponsorship.

Both foreign students of the EUV and those interested in Frankfurt can inform themselves here about the advantages and tasks of a sponsorship, or read how you can additionally support the program.

Simone Brandt

Guest Students

To participate in the sponsorship program you should:

  • be a student of the European University Viadrina
  • be open for new acquaintances with different people
  • be interested in other cultures and customs
  • be willing to take care of and use such a sponsorship

Why a sponsor family?

  • because they can show you the city and its surroundings from their best side
  • will help you with words and deeds
  • is a good partner to improve your German language skills
  • It is not the task of a sponsor family to provide you with room and board.

Please register via the registration form if you are interested in a sponsor family.

Sponsoring Family

Who can become a sponsor?
Anyone who lives in Frankfurt (Oder), Słubice or the surrounding area:

  • Families or individuals
  • young and older
  • with or without knowledge of foreign languages

What are the duties of a sponsor family?
A host family has no specific duties. There are no limits to the imagination of the sponsors and the students. The host family could for example:

  • help with the first orientation in our city as a local expert (city tour...)
  • support the guest with words and deeds in case of problems (authorities, doctors etc.)
  • help to overcome initial contact difficulties in Germany or in Frankfurt (Oder)
  • the students will of course take care of their own board and lodging. This is not the responsibility of the sponsor families!

What is the benefit of a sponsorship?

  • young people from other countries and cultures provide new impressions and experiences and bring variety into everyday life
  • long-term friendships can develop all over the world
  • you can refresh your own foreign language skills

You would like to become a sponsor? Please use the application form.

You would like to support the project?

You can help via donations:
Of course, the sponsorship program also incurs costs. We have set up a separate donation account for this purpose:

Sparkasse Oder-Spree
Account holder: EUV Foundation
Account number: 300 300 2

Purpose: 202/89 KST: 12 100 005

Donation receipts will be issued upon request.

Thank you very much for your support!