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Scholars at Risk

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Since 2017, the European University Viadrina has been a member of Scholars at Risk (SAR) - an international network of universities and educational institutions which is committed to the protection of endangered scientists and scholars and the promotion of academic freedom worldwide.

In addition to educational work, lobbying activities and targeted campaigning, the core task of SAR is to find short- and medium-term employment or links to the member universities. For example, academics who are no longer able to continue their academic activities in their home country due to an acute threat can contact the network to request placement at a member institution where research and teaching activities can be continued unhindered.

Through its membership of the SAR, the Viadrina is on the one hand fully committed to the fundamental right of academic freedom and also declares its willingness to make efforts to accept endangered scientists. Persons concerned are called upon to contact our responsible project co-ordination in order to find out together about the possibilities of connecting to Viadrina (see below "Ways to Viadrina") and financial support (see below "Funding possibilities").