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Scholars at Risk

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Since 2017, the European University Viadrina has been a member of Scholars at Risk (SAR) - an international network of universities and educational institutions which is committed to the protection of endangered scientists and scholars and the promotion of academic freedom worldwide.

In addition to educational work, lobbying activities and targeted campaigning, the core task of SAR is to find short- and medium-term employment or links to the member universities. For example, academics who are no longer able to continue their academic activities in their home country due to an acute threat can contact the network to request placement at a member institution where research and teaching activities can be continued unhindered.

Through its membership of the SAR, the Viadrina is on the one hand fully committed to the fundamental right of academic freedom and also declares its willingness to make efforts to accept endangered scientists. Persons concerned are called upon to contact our responsible project co-ordination in order to find out together about the possibilities of connecting to Viadrina (see below "Ways to Viadrina") and financial support (see below "Funding possibilities").

Thanks to its small size and good service infrastructure, the Viadrina is able to offer a very comprehensive network of support facilities for scholars at risk. In addition to the Coordination Office for Scholars at Risk as the first point of contact, the Welcome Center is the main point of contact for supporting scholars at risk and their families. The Welcome Center of Viadrina International Affairs is the central counselling and service point for international visiting scholars and helps with the planning and implementation of academic stays at the Viadrina. The services offered include, among others, the provision of information material about the city and the university, pick-up at the train station in Frankfurt (Oder) or, if necessary, at Berlin airport, assistance in finding suitable accommodation and support for international guests in all other administrative matters related to their stay in Frankfurt (Oder).

In addition to the Welcome Centre, the Viadrina Family Office offers comprehensive support for students or academics with children. For example, the office helps in the search for a daycare or school place and maintains an extensive network of contacts with institutions that offer services for families within the city. The university's family officer offers advice for parents on all family-related issues, such as applying for child benefit or other family-related support services.

Another key contact point for international researchers is the Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies (VCGS). In close cooperation with the Department Viadrina International Affairs, the VCGS offers regular academic workshops and networking events for international researchers with the aim of promoting mutual networking and bringing them into contact with other researchers at the Viadrina.

For students (Bachelor or Master)

Persecuted or refugee international students and prospective students can, of course, apply for a full course of study or a semester abroad at the Viadrina. Please note that different regulations apply to applications for undergraduate studies (Bachelor, Magister, Staatsexamen) or for applications for postgraduate studies (Master).

In addition, the Viadrina offers a comprehensive programme specifically for prospective refugee students as part of the Welcome@Viadrina for Refugees programme. In addition to visiting specialist seminars, the programme, which lasts a maximum of two semesters, includes language courses as well as regular coaching sessions. The aim of the programme is to optimally prepare refugees who are interested in studying for a degree at a German university.

For PhD students

The Viadrina offers a wide range of opportunities for international PhD students - be it individual or structured, at the chair or with foundation funding, internally or externally. If you are interested in doing a PhD at the Viadrina or in continuing an ongoing PhD project, our Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies (VCGS) is a good place to start. However, our responsible project coordination will also be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and put you in touch with a chair that is suitable for your subject area.

For post-doctorates and professors

If you are already a doctoral researcher at risk and would like to be connected to the Viadrina, it is best to contact our project coordination directly. We will then jointly explore the existing possibilities for your individual case and discuss which would be the best further course of action.

Unfortunately, the Viadrina does not have any separate financial resources for the admission of scholars at risk, and financial support is also not possible through SAR. However, we make every effort to connect them to a suitable chair, through which in some cases a short- or medium-term employment as a research assistant or research associate may be possible.

Within the framework of the EU programme Erasmus+, funding for short-term stays (up to a maximum of 90 days) for academics from our Erasmus partner universities is possible in principle. More information on this and other possible funding programmes for international guest researchers at the Viadrina can be found here.

In addition, we will gladly work with you to obtain third-party funding to financially support your stay at the Viadrina.

Potential Funding Programmes