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Student Initiatives

The Alumni Network Viadrin@lumni is by no means first interesting after graduation. To the contrary, we have made it our priority to promote dialog and networking between current students and Viadrina alumni.

The Academic Choir was formed in 2003. The choir's members are students enrolled at Viadrina European University and at the Collegium Polonicum.  Barbara Weiser is the conductor.  Rehearsals are held every Monday evening during the semester at 8:30 in the Collegium Polonicum's large auditorium.

The local group of Amnesty International consists of members from Frankfurt (Oder) as well as members of the university. Their main topic is the participation in campaigns of ai international and promotional events to inform about human rights violations.


The Christian Student Fellowship is a group of Christians, mainly Viadrina students or alumni, from different nations and denominations. What unites us is our desire to learn more about God. Therefore, we meet every week to study the Bible together, to share our thoughts, to pray and to sing. Besides that we also want to spend time together and enjoy good fellowship during various activities.

European Law Students' Association – ELSA

GFPS is a student organization that promotes understanding in Central and Eastern Europe. As the Frankfurt (Oder) chapter, we make our organization known and promote projects locally such as parties, tandem events, and seminars.  Our weekly Stammtisch is one regular gathering, which is held every Monday evening at 8:00.  Locations change regularly.

Infinity Viadrina was founded in October 2018 in an effort to promote environmental thinking in the long term. What do we want to do with our initiative? Our goal: to create sustainable awareness among the student body of Viadrina and the Frankfurt (Oder) society, to make existing projects visible and to actively implement concrete ideas for environmentally friendly alternatives in cooperation with other actors.

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Members of the Institut für angewandte Geschichte (Institute for Applied History), which are students and graduates of Viadrina, use projects, excursions and seminars to address issues of the border region and its residents. Through its work, the institute creates a link between the university and the Frankfurt (Oder)-Slubice region, between the present and the past.

Interstudis exists to assist guest students at Viadrina. In addition to organizing events and excursions to aid guest students in meeting one another and their peers at Viadrina, we provide each guest student with a personal tutor. Become one of us! We are looking forward to our continued growth.

The JU Hochschulgruppe (Youth CDU/CSU Organization) has developed into a stable presence in StuPa over the past several years.  We stand for positive changes in student life, efficiency in student government, and we support meaningful projects of the student body.

Social Democratics Party students association

Catholic spiritual care

Ricardo Garces Sanchez

Kunstgriff is the hub in a network for the university, Slubice, Frankfurt (Oder) and the region, lobbyist for art and culture at Viadrina as well as enabler for cultural projects of all forms.  Some of the resources that we currently offer are: contacts and coordination, fundraising assistance (i.e. common application for aid and grants), financing of three choir/orchestra conductors, rehearsal space (forthcoming) and hardware (amplifiers, music stands, sound boards and the like are available on loan--no fee, but a deposit is required).  We look forward to all who would like to join us!

Students association for democratic socialism - dielinke.sds

Liberal Campus (LiCa) is an organization comprised of students from every field of study. What unites us is our interest in university happenings and the desire to organize them according to our own visions.  We do not align ourselves with an single party platform, but rather develop our ideas independently to achieve our goals.

Ostblick e.V. – RegionalInitiative OsteuropaStudierender Berlin-Brandenburg is an association of students, phd-students and alumni of the four universities in Berlin and Brandenburg where you can study subjects or courses of studies related to Eastern Europe. We organize various projects and events concerning cultural, social and political topics related to Central and Eastern Europe. One example is our student guide “Studying Eastern Europe in Berlin and Brandenburg” which presents all relevant information about subjects and courses of study concerning Eastern Europe at the universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Furthermore, every first Wednesday a month we organize our Ostblick-meeting at different places in Berlin and Brandenburg open for everyone who wants to socialize and talk about Eastern European topics.

The oecumenic students association is an International Student Christian group (member of the World Student Christian Federation) at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), where students of all faculties meet coming from different nations and many Christian churches.


Rotaract Club Frankfurt (Oder) - Słubice

In the winter of 2005, the Unicef University Group formed in response to the catastrophic tsunami.  Since our founding, we work to collect donations and to make the public aware of children‘s' problems, and we work closely with the Frankfurt (Oder) Unicef chapter.  By means of a benefit concert, athletic events and projects in local schools, we successfully collected funds for Roma children in S.E. Europe; our most well-known project is most definitely the run/walk for charity, which was recently held on the island of Ziegenwerder for this cause.  Our primary task is the formation and implementation of charitable donation campaigns.  We look forward to working with interested individuals.  Here is our contact information:

Chairperson: Patricia Krolik

Theatre Festival UNITHEA

The Viadrina Consulting Group e.V. (VCG) has become one of the largest initiatives at Viadrina in terms of membership (currently 60 members) since its founding in 2002.  We no longer only advise small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) from the region, but our client base has expanded and currently includes enterprises from across Germany and Poland.  Our offerings to organizations include various services in the areas of marketing, strategy and IT--from market research, to SWOT-Analysis and establishment of an internet presence.  In addition to external projects, VCG organizes public lectures, training sessions and workshops at the university.  Through its multifaceted fields of expertise, VCG offers interested students of all fields and semesters of study the opportunity to gain extensive experience and turn their theoretical knowledge into practice.

verbuendungshaus fforst: Selfgoverned, international students dorm

ViaMUN is Viadrina's Model UN group. We have made it our goal to impart the students and citizens of Frankfurt (Oder) with a differentiated view of the United Nations.  To achieve this goal, we organize events including the annual "Viadrina Model United Nations", in which we simulate the work of UN committees in a type of mock convention.

The University Orchestra "Viaphoniker" is always looking for instrumental support (pun intended!).  Rehearsals are held once weekly during the semester.  Musicians with orchestra experience are welcome to join us!  The current rehearsal time is 7:00-10:00 every Tuesday evening in Room 03 of the Audimax building.

Vision Viadrina is an Investment Club that brings together passionate students to grow their knowledge about the financial industry. Members will select different types of companies based on their personal interests and then actively research and keep track of major events that alter the companies value. By meeting bimonthly and having a strong presence online through different financial platforms, members will be able to better understand the volatility in the market and be able to make more risk averse investments. The aim of this team is to create a joint portfolio with the selected companies that will beat major stock indices.

The student magazine “Wearedrina” is from and for the students of the Europa-Universität Viadrina. Our goal is to offer a welcoming and inclusive platform for sharing opinions, information and knowledge. You can find our blog at:

We want to welcome every student, reader, author, proofreader, photographer and critic.

With this online magazine we want to enable students to inform themselves about the university, the city Frankfurt (Oder) and what’s more. We also want to invite you to get active yourselves. “If you want to write an article, get an article written, take photos, proofread or just add your two cents, we are looking forward to working with you!”