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Allgemeiner Studentischer Ausschuss (AStA) - Students' Union

AStA (Students' Union) is responsible for all important student affairs at Viadrina and is comprised of the following committees: International Affairs, Student Life, Finance, Publicity, Athletics, Cultural Affairs, ADV, Political Affairs and the Steering Committee (Hauptreferat).

Student Parliament  (StuPa)

StuPa is the student body's highest decision-making organization at Viadrina.  Students elect the Student parliament once each year in free, fair and confidential elections.  StuPa's most important tasks are the following: making decisions about fundamental student affairs; determining annual budgets; electing and dismissing AStA leaders, in addition to setting standards for AStA's work.  In order to efficiently complete its assigned tasks, StuPa is further broken down into committees (the current committees are: Law, Budget and Finance, University Politics, German-Polish Affairs, and Publicity).

Fachschaftsrat Jura (Student Representatives: Law)

The student representatives for the Faculty of Law look after the interests of their fellow students with passion. The student representatives can assist with issues related to the study of Law.

Webseite of the FSR Jura

Fachschaftrat Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Student Representatives: Business Administration and Economics)

We are the first point of contact for all student questions, and we participate actively in the first-year student orientation week.  We keep you informed of faculty and university current events, help you with problems related to you studies and your instructors, and we always welcome your feedback.

Fachschaftsrat Kulturwissenschaften (Student Representatives: Cultural Sciences)

We represent the interests of all students in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.  We regularly produce a newsletter with all of the important university, cultural and leisure events/activities.  In addition, we organize a monthly Stammtisch, advise new students, and we assist in new student orientation.  We are your contact for questions and concerns pertaining to all facets of your studies.

Residence Hall Council in Słubice / Rada Mieszkańców Osiedla Studenckiego w Słubicach