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Summer Programs

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The European University Viadrina offers different Summer Programs throughout each summer. Find more information on the following websites:

Summer Programs in 2019

8 - 19 July 2019:

The European System of Human Rights Protection (Application deadline: 30th of April 2019)

August 19 - 1 September:

Viadrinicum 2019. Transsectoral UrbanLab. Participative Urbanism Beyond MetroPoleis#mce_temp_url

22.-28. September:

B/ORDERS IN MOTION (Application deadline 15th of May 2019)

Previous Summer Schools:

Summer Schools 2018

  • May 30 - July 13: The Liberal Order in Crisis: Authoritarian, Radical, and Populist Challenges to Democracy in Europe
  • May 30 - July 13: Business Administration and Economics Courses
  • July 09 - July 20: The European System of Human Rights Protection
  • August 20 - September 2: Viadrinicum 2018: Transsectoral PeaceLab. Looking for Hybrid Solutions to Hybrid Conflicts: Academia, Civil Society and the Arts.

Summer Schools 2017

  • May 9 - June 8: Family and Cultural Diversity (in cooperation with the University of Florida, USA)
  • May 31 - July 14: Ambivalences of Europeanization - Concepts, Conflicts and Challenges
  • June 5 - July 14: Remembering Communism
  • June 10 - June 18: MBA Europe Tour (in cooperation with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa)
  • July 9 - July 22: The European System of Human Rights Protection
  • August 28 - September 10: Viadrinicum - Borderland Experiences: Conflict, Dialogue, and the Arts

For more information about summer schools in Europe please visit

“Studying abroad was one of the best things I could do. The university Viadrina was such a great school. The people there were very open and friendly and it was a great experience to see how school was ran in Europe. Not to mention the beauty of the school especially its library. The food served was probably one of my favorite things and the beautiful land that was behind the cafeteria. Our last night we spent it at a bonfire and I will forever keep the memories I made at Viadrina really close to my heart and the people.”

Mickaela Bailey, participant 2015