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Application: Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences

The first step is to apply at the Department of International Affairs at Viadrina. After our confirmation you apply directly at the partner university.

If you wish to apply for a double degree, please check the website for international double degrees for the application guidelines.



  • The confirmation you receive from Viadrina after a successful application is not yet a final acceptance for the exchnage studies abroad. The decision about this lies with the partner university, which will be informed about the selection. Usually students nominated by us are accepted.
  • Please be aware that it is not possible to apply at the partner university before you have received a confirmation from the Department of International Affairs of Viadrina.

Application at Viadirna International Affairs

Applications should be addressed to Viadrina International Affairs – Nicole Klück and Christin Reise or Claudia Casiano when applying for our North or Latin American programs.


Application documents

This years' application will only be online. It is not possible to submit printed documents:

The following documents are uploaded with the online application:

Motivation Letter

Address the following points in your letter of motivation (text form - no bullet points!):

  • Choice of study location
  • For all of your desired universities, list at least 2-3 courses that you would like to take there
  • Financing for your stay abroad
  • Do you speak the language of instruction or will you be able to do so by the time you apply to the partner university?
  • 1 to max. 2 DIN A4 pages in German or English, if you prefer.

For Berkeley, please write your motivation letter and research proposal in English.

  • CV

    In German, or in English, if you prefer to.

  • Overview of grades

    PDF-form from ViaCampus. In case that not all of your academic achievements are listed in ViaCampus, please use the Transcript form which will be countersigned after presenting the additionally passed courses to the Viadrina International Affairs Department. Master students, please also include a copy of your bachelor diploma additionally or only this copy, if you have not earned and academic achievements in you Master yet.

  • Proof of Language skills

    PDF-form with language course overview from ViaCampus in "My Studies - My achievements"; if applicable other certificates. If you do not have any official documentation confirming your language level, please register for a language level test with the DAAD language level confirmation form (French, Russian, Spanish) at the respective language department in the Language Center. This is NOT possible for English. Here you must either take courses so that we can read your language level or have passed a Unicert exam.

  • Certificate of enrollment (current semester)

    This is mandatory for enrolled Viadrina students! If you are not enrolled at the Viadrina yet, please send us the proof later.

Application submision

  • Application deadline

    December 13, 2023 until 11:59 pm (time stamp).
    For the second and third application round, please find the deadlines on our website on leftover spots.

Application at the partner university

After you have received the confirmation of your stay abroad at a partner university we will have information sessions where you will be informed about how and when to apply at the partner university. These information sessions take place between February and May and you will be separately invited to them. In beforehand you can already inform yourself on the respective homepages about deadlines and required application documents at the partner university.

Information for Erasmus+ exchange studies

  • Grant „Auslands-BAföG “

    Apply early, directly after the confirmation from us. Further information can be found on our website under Financing.

  • Visa

    Please be aware that some countries require a visa, for example Turkey, and this should be obtained ahead of time.

  • Specific Requirements of the Partner Universities

    Some partner universities require a specific GPA (Grade Point Average) or that you have completed a specific number of ECTS credits at the time of your application. All specific requirements are included in our partner university list.


Information for Non-EU exchange studies

  • Overview of all grades / Transcript forms

    For some partner universities a grade statement from the ViaCampus (HIS-Portal) is not sufficient. A transcript is required (sometimes in the language of host country), please find the forms here: English, Spanish, Russian. Please fill out the form and bring it, together with your HIS-grade statement to be validated by us (AM 209/AM 207).

  • Language Certificates:

    • The North American and Australian universities require a language certificate in the form of TOEFL. As soon as you receive the confirmation that you have been chosen by Viadrina International Affairs, register with TOEFL.
    • Also in Russia some partner universities require an official language certificate. You can obtain this from the head of the Russian language department at the Language Centre. Please take the pre-printed form of DAAD-language certificate with you.

  • Grant „Auslands-BAföG “

    Apply early, directly after you receive the confirmation from us. In some cases the Bafög forms must be included with your application to the partner university. Further information can be found on our website under Financing.

  • Passport

    A copy is required to be included with your application and it must be valid for a minimum of one year from the start of your stay abroad. Please have a valid passport ready.