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Left over spots EU (Erasmus+) & Non-EU

    Left over spots will be allocated through a second appliction round and over a “First come, first serve” procedure.

    Second round of application

    The second round of application is processing in terms of the procedure of the first round.

    •   You can find all the information about the procedure on our application web page
    •   Publication of the list for left over spots and the application start for the second round: 11th of February 2020
    •   Application deadline: 20th of February 2020 at 2pm
    •   Submission of applications preferably in AM207, but also possible in AM209, AM214, AM 206 or use the mail box in front of room AM213.

    Left over spots – Second round of application:

    “First come, first serve” procedure - starting at 21st of April 2020, 10:30 am

    Whoever first submits a completed application and meets all requirements within the “first come, first serve” procedure gets the spot. Please keep in mind that you need to appear personally or send a person on your behalf with a wirtten authority with the below mentioned documents to get a leftover spot on 21st of April 2020, starting at 10:30 am.
    After the 21st of April 2020 leftover spots are assigned on an ongoing basis. You or a person on your behalf with a written authority should visit Nicole Klück, Christin Reise, Aleksandra Klecha or Claudia Casiano during their office hours to secure a spot. You will then find out if that specific spot you are interested in is still available. You are welcome to stop by for advice from those responsible for the respective faculties:

    EU Programs:

    Social and Cultural Studies & LawNicole Klück & Christin Reise
    Business Administration and EconomicsAleksandra Klecha

    Non-EU Programs

    Africa, Asia, Australia (all faculties) - Nicole Klück
    Georgia, Russia, Ukraine (all faculties) - Christin Reise
    North and Latin America (all faculties) - Claudia Casiano

    To apply under the “first come, first serve” procedure, the following documents are to be submitted to the relevant persons mentioned above:

    • CV
    • Transcript: Achievement overview printout of ViaCampus (HIS-Portal); for master students, (additionally) a copy of their bachelor diploma.
    • Proof of language proficiency Screenshot of the completely expanded summary of your language courses from ViaCampus in "My Studies - My achievements" (language courses you are currently visiting are in ViaCampus click "My Studies - Show my enrollments"); where applicable other certificates. If you do not have any official documentation confirming your language level, please register for a language level test with the DAAD language level confirmation form (English, French, Russian, Spanish) at the respective language department in the Language Centre. Special arrangements need to be made for the Spanish- English- and Russian language department.
    • Certificate of enrollment: Does not apply to masters students who are not yet enrolled.

    Leftover spots "first come - first serve" procedure (to be published approx. April 7th 2020)