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Recognition of study achievements abroad

The Viadrina is in principle willing to recognize achievements gained abroad. The extent and the process of the recognition however will be different between the three faculties. The Faculty of Law, for example, is much more reliant to legal requirements concerning the recognition of study achievements then the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences.

Nevertheless there are the following general guidelines for recognition in the three faculties:

  1. Study transcripts of the foreign country can only be recognized of regular universities with doctoral programs, Business or Law Schools with the respective accreditation. This is the case for all partner universities of the Viadrina. There are special regulations for Colleges.

  2. Study transcripts can only be recognized if a correlation to the subjects of the Viadrina exists.

  3. The guideline of the European Credit Transfer System are valid within Europe.

The procedure for recognition

Please be aware that each faculty has a procedure of its own: