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After you return

Within four weeks after your return, you should submit all the required documents. You can also apply for the recognition of foreign academic achievements if the Transcript of Records has already been made avaliable by the partner university.

The following documents/tasks should be submitted/completed after your return:

 If you were inside Europe within the Erasmus+ program or Erasmus+ KA107

A digital copy of the following document must be submitted by email to your respective Outgoing-Team. I

If you have been abroad with the ERASMUS+ Program

  1. (Grant Agreement – Usually completed before you stay abroad. If this may be the case, you don't have to submit a digital copy.)
  2. Learning agreement – Singed by the Viadrina, the partner university as well as by yourself
  3. Letter of confirmation
  4. Study-abroad report
  5. Transcript of records – Usually sent by the partner university to us. We will inform you, by email, of its arrival.
  6. OLS-Language Test – A request will be sent to you automatically, by email, at the end of your stay abroad.
  7. EU-Online study report – You will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire. Please also check your Spam folder.  The email might arrive after the four week deadline.
  8. Application for the Recognition of Abroad-earned Credits – Depending on the faculty by email or hard copy. Details about the recognition can be found on the website.

If you were outside Europe

  1. Letter of Confirmation – for all, who go abroad winter term 2016/17
  2. Study-abroad report – To be sent to your respective coordinators.
  3. Transcript of records of the partner university – Is usually sent directly to us from the partner university. We will inform you of its arrival by email.
  4. Application form for the recognition of abroad-earned credits – depending on the faculty by email or hard copy. Details about the recognition can be found on the website.