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Exchange Studies

Study one or two semesters worldwide!

During your studies at the Viadrina you have the possibility and in some study programs even the obligation to study abroad for one or two semesters. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Depending on where you want to spend your stay abroad, you have the following options:


Erasmus+ is a European Union program that provides possibilties for stays abroad within the program countries of the EU. If you secure a place at one of our partner universities within the Erasmus+ program you can recieve a mobility allowance and no tuition fees must be paid.

You can take a stay abroad with any university outside Europe that we have a partnership contract with. These can be found on our partner lists. No tuition fees must be paid at any of these partner universities.

The European University Viadrina maintains close ties to many universities inside and outside of Europe and offers so called double or multiple agreements. Therefore students of the Viadrina have the possibility to obtain two or three degrees at the same time.

The Erasmus+ KA107/171 programme is a part of the Erasmus+ Program and facilitiates mobilities to non-program countries, so called partner countries. Those are outside of European Union. Mobilities of students and postgraduates to and from Germany can be supported. They support includes a scholarship and travel costs for stays abroad in Ukraine (currently suspended), Georgia and Kosovo.

In principal it is possible to take a stay abroad with a university that doesn’t have a partnership with the Viadrina. Please be aware, though, that we cannot recognize all courses from foreign universities. Therefore you should consult with us beforehand over your choice of foreign university. Send an email to your coordinator with the name of the foreign university and a link to their website. You can also include the description of the course you wish to attend. We will then tell you whether or not the the stay and the course will be recognized by us.

Please note: Please be aware that in the case of a self organized stay abroad you may have to pay all or part of very high tuition fees, that don’t need to be paid within our partner program. Part of this could be covered by a Grants for study abroad (Auslands-Bafög), through which up to 4,600 EUR (in 2018) of tuition fees can be supported which must not be repaid at a later date. There is no opportunity to receive funding through the Erasmus+ program (for stays in Europe) or PROMOS (for stays outside of Europe), for example.