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Abroad with children

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There is no reason why parents can’t also study abroad for one or two semesters. The Department of International Affairs will support you in doing so and will advise you during the selection of a proper place, so that you may find a university with the necessary facilities. Not all of our partner universities are equally suited for students with children although the vast majority of places will be suitable. At some universities it is simpler than at others and we advise that you visit us during our office hours to find a suitable partner university.

It is easier to get financial support for an exchange semester within Europe. As part of our EU exchange program you will receive a scholarship. This can be further increased for additional family members, but it must be applied for at least three months prior to your stay abroad.

To this end, you contact Nicole Klück (on maternity leave until May 2016, replacement: Sina Raddatz) at the Department of International Affairs and may also look for advice at the Family Representative.

Please note that you will need more time to prepare for your study abroad semester than your fellow students without children. As the selection for study abroad placement only takes place once a year during the winter semester, a 1 to 1.5 year planning period would be helpful.

The University of Wismar has recently begun a Foreign Study with Child programme and is awarding additional grants.

Welcome stipend for children of students

In order to enhance the general conditions for studying with children, all newborns of students at European University Viadrina will receive a onetime welcome stipend to the tune of 100 Euro starting with the winter semester 2010/11. The disbursement is covered  by the Student Union Frankfurt (Oder) and the AStA of the European University Viadrina.

You can find important tips for studying abroad with children at the following website:

ERASMUS with a child

Whoever does a study abroad semester as part of the ERASMUS+ program can additionally apply for further funding. Please ask Nicole Klück (on maternity leave until May 2016, replacement: Sina Raddatz) of the Department of International Affairs for more information.

For academic year 2015/16, DAAD determined the following (Erasmus+ guideline, status as of July 22, 2014:

“The project organizers pay the participants the fixed monthly “standard” Erasmus+ allowance, dependent on country visited (…). In addition it is possible for the above mentioned  target group to receive an additional monthly allowance (limited by country maximum rate)”:

  • 200 EUR unabhängig von der Anzahl der Kinder.

Further funding

In addition to the Erasmus+ grant you can apply for other forms of support:

MAWISTA Stipend - Foreign Study with Children