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Abroad with disabilities

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We strive to make it possible for students with disabilities to study abroad at one of our partner universities. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of study location and support you in your preparations, because unfortunately not all of our partner universities offer facilities for the disabled.

Additional financial support is usually more compatible with studying abroad in Europe. Here you will receive an Erasmus+ mobility grant, which can be topped up for special needs, e.g. in the form of disability-friendly housing, carers, etc. This must be applied for at least three months before your stay abroad, just contact us!

Please note that you should generally allow more time for the preparation of a semester abroad with a disability.

Note: You can also find more information about studying abroad with a disability on the pages of the German Student Union (Studentenwerk) under

Studying and Disability.

Erasmus+ funding for students with disabilities

Lump sum funding

Starting with the project year 2021, the DAAD will fund students with a GdB of at least 20 or a chronic illness who have received an acceptance from their home university for an Erasmus+ funded study abroad program or internship. A separate application is not necessary, but we need to know about it. So please contact us directly about it! The monthly grant is a flat rate of 250€.

Long application

There is also the possibility to submit a long application, also for students with a GdB of at least 20 or a chronic illness, who have received an acceptance from their home university for an Erasmus+ funded study abroad or internship. A separate application must be submitted for this, the maximum funding amount is 15,000€ per semester and per mobility. The application amount will be calculated according to your needs and paid in addition to the regular Erasmus+ funding rate.

Only additional costs can be taken into account which are

a. are not covered by national agencies (integration offices, health insurance companies, regional associations, social welfare offices, student unions).

b.    Are incurred by you as a result of your stay abroad. These include, for example, flight costs and costs for accommodation for accompanying assistants or for barrier-free accommodation.

Since you must prove the difference between the costs at home and abroad, please allow sufficient time for the application and be sure to let us know in person!

The application should be submitted to NA DAAD by your home university at least two months before your departure. Unfortunately, an application submitted after the start of your study or internship abroad cannot be considered.

The DAAD will review the application and reserves the right to reduce the application amount accordingly.

Here you can find the DAAD information regarding special funding.