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Recognition for Bachelor Students majoring in Social and Cultural Sciences

1. Before going abroad

Students majoring in Social and Cultural Sciences (BA) have to arrange with Nicole Klück (Department of International Affairs, AM 209) the courses they would like to take at universities abroad to verify if they are recognizable.

Tip: The answers to many questions regarding recognition can be found in the FAQ.

There are two ways to check the recognizability of courses

  1. Form A (Recognizability of abroad-earned credits) is to be filled out and to be sent via email to Nicole Klück.
  2. Personally arrange with Nicole Klück the recognizability of courses during her office hours or via email.

ATTENTION: Please note her office hours!

Please orient yourself through the courses that were offered at the partner university during previous semesters. Up-to-date course catalogues sometimes can still not be found on their homepages. Course changes can still be made during your stay abroad.

In order for your stay abroad to be recognized in accordance with § 8 of the "Fachspezifische Ordnung des Bachelor of Arts Kulturwissenschaften" (22.10.2014) you need to complete at least one course which will be recognized with at least 6 ECTS credits.

2. During your stay abroad

Should there be course changes during the beginning of your stay abroad, Nicole Klück should be advised of them via email.

In order to be able to check whether the courses are recognizable, the following information should be included in the email:

  • Course title
  • Course description
  • Toward which Module the course should be counted
  • Academic level (e.g. bachelor or master; at which academic year the course can be taken)
  • Amount of contact hours per semester
  • ECTS

3. After returning from abroad

For your credits to be recognized after returning from abroad, the following documents must be submitted to the Department of International Affairs by e-mail or in person:

  1. A filled-out version of Form B (Application for the Recognition of Abroad-earned Credits) for BA students majoring in the Social and Cultural Sciences, or a filled-out version of Form B (IKG) for BA students majoring in Intercultural German Studies.
  2. A transcript of records (which contains a list of all abroad-earned credits and grades) as well as any term papers
  3. Proof of academic level or academic year in which the credits were earned and the number of contact hours per semester

Please note that Nicole Klück is responsible for the recognition of Bachelor students. Master students can get their credits recognized from their respective program heads or coordinators.

As soon as the recognition of the achievements has taken place, we will inform you and you can pick up the completed recognition form in AM 207. Please bring this document to the examination office, where the achievements will be entered into the Hisportal. Before that, the achievements will not appear online.