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Exchange: Erasmus+ program

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In order to spend one semester or one academic year as an Erasmus student at the European University Viadrina, please contact your home university first. Your home university nominates you for an Erasmus stay at the Viadrina. When we have received the information of your nomination, we will send you a link to a website where you can fill in the application for your Erasmus stay online. On this website you will find additional information to the online application process.

Application Process

  1. Digital Nomination by your home university.
    Notes on Digital Nominations for our partner universities
  2. Fill in and send the application form online. (The link to our online application form is not published on our website. You will receive this information by email in reply of your nomination.)
    1. Print out the form that was generated as a PDF file by Step 2 and sign it.
    2. Get this printed form signed and stamped by your home university.
  3. Please send your filled and signed application form with a foto and the following documents to the Department of International Affairs:
    1. Transcript of Records
    2. proof of German language knowledge, if possible
    3. copy of your passport showing your name, date and place of birth (or copy of your ID card)

Option 1: Send your documents by post to the following address:
European University Viadrina
Bernd Schünow, coordinator incoming students
Große Scharrnstraße 59
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Option 2: Let your home university send your application documents by email to 
For using this option the emailed documents should be sent by the International Office or your responsible Departmental Coordinator at your home university, not from your private email address. The application should come as a good quality PDF file. Please don't send any JPG or CamScanner documents.

For both options please make sure that your application form is duly signed by you and confirmed by your home university.

The work on your Learning Agreement will be done online with a separate procedure.

Application Deadlines

Please be aware of the application deadlines:

  • winter semester:
    15.07. for EU citizens (31.05. recommended for non-EU citizens)
  • summer semester:
    15.01. for EU citizens (30.11. recommended for non-EU citizens)


After your arrival here you will get enrolled by our admission office.

Please bring with you the following documents to the admission office:

  1. evidence of having paid the enrolment fee
  2. a German health insurance policy or the EU health insurance card
  3. your ID card or passport
  4. coloured passport photo (for your student ID card)

You will find further information in the admission letter which you will recive from the admission after handing in your application