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After submitting your application data as an exchange students or as a visiting student in the online application portal for international students and sending your documents to the European university Viadrina – incoming students – you received your acceptance documents (Letter of Acceptance, if applicable additional documents for your application for a student visa). The next step for you will be to approve this acceptance by enrolling yourself as a student of the Viadrina.

We help you with the enrollment procedure by organizing an Enrollment Day before the semester starts. During this event we guide you through the several steps of your enrollment process and let you finish the enrollment within one day.
We strongly recommend you to arrive here before this date and to take part in the Enrollment Day, if possible.
Unfortunately, during the last semesters the Enrollment Day could not take place like before. For the winter semester 2021/2022 and the following semesters, will are going to offer it again.

27.09.2022 - winter semester 2022/23

28.03.2019 - summer semester 2019
25.09.2019 - winter semester 2019/20
01.04.2020 - summer semester 2020
29.09.2021 - winter semester 2021/22
30.03.2022 - summer semester 2022

After the applications of all exchange and visiting students for the coming semester are processed, there is a transfer of all application data from the online application portal to the university system viaCampus taking place. By the end of this transfer the system viaCampus generates an email to you with the user name and password that you should use for the online part of the enrollment.

Please wait for this email and do not try to register yourself in viaCampus before receiving it! This would lead you to have a wrong state in the system that finally does not allow you to get enrolled.

With the user name and password from the above mentioned email you should log in to viaCampus and click on the button “Request for enrolment” there.

Please do not click on the second option “Add a request”! This would have the same effect as the above mentioned mistake, leading you to a state that you can’t get finally enrolled.

When you finished the online part of the enrollment and submitted your data in viaCampus, the system generates a PDF file for you, consisting of 3 pages. Please print and store this document carefully!
The first page of this PDF file needs to get signed by you. It is your official request for enrollment. The second page contains the information about the semester contribution that you will have to pay. On the third page you can find your final user name and password for the online systems of the Viadrina.

Please note that the combination of user name and password which you received by email is working only for the online enrollment purpose. After submitting the online part of the procedure you will not be able to log in there anymore for a while.

The documents to be handed in to our Service Point for your enrollment are:

  • The first page of the PDF file from viaCampus, duly signed by you
  • The receipt of the payment of your semester contribution
  • A confirmation that you have a valid health insurance.

After receiving these documents our matriculations office will finish your enrollment by producing your student ID card and activating your final account with the login details that you can find on the third page of the PDF file. This takes a couple of days. Only when this is done (i.e. when you can pick up your student ID card from the Service Point) you will be again able to log in and use viaCampus and the other online systems of the Viadrina.