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Departure - See you again!

Even your departure requires some preparation.

These documents might be important as well for exchange and visiting students who have been at the European University Viadrina outside the Erasmus-Program.

  • Learning Agreement

After your return to your home university you have to hand in there your original Learning Agreement with all necessary signatures.Please, provide us with a copy of your Learning Agreement.

  • Letter of Confirmation

On this document we have to confirm the duration of your stay at the European University Viadrina. Usually, you will have such a form from your home university (e.g.: "Attestation de Présence", "Confirmation of Period of Stay", "Confirmation of Arrival and Departure", etc.). Anyway, we can provide you with a form like this if needed.

  • Transcript of Records

All your courses, grades and ECTS credits will be listed on the Transcript of Records. We will only provide you with this document if you have presented all information about your courses and grades to us. Therefore, please send us by email to your results from viaCampus. You can find it there
My studies > My Achievements > scroll down > Notenspiegel.
If you took part in language courses, you will find the files with your results in viaCampus
My Studies > My Achievements > Transcript of Language Achievements. Please send this to us as well.
Finally, if you did not pass some course(s) and want to have it (them) included in your Transcript of Records, please also include a screenshot of your viaCampus results in the email.

You have to fill this document in after your return, back at your home university.

  • Rental agreement

  1. Termination
    If your rental agreement is not limited to the end of your stay or if you want to leave earlier then you have to terminate your agreement in time at the Studentenwerk. The termination is possible at the earliest after 3 months. The period of cancellation is 1 month and applies to the end of the following month. That means, to cancel to the end of a month you need to give written notice latest at the end of the month before. For questions regarding this matter, please, contact the "Studentenwerk".

  2. Appointment with caretaker
    Furthermore, you have to make an appointment with the caretaker for the inspection of the room to be clean and without any damages. The result of this appointment will be important for the repayment of your deposit which you have paid at the beginning of your stay.

  3. Repayment of deposit

    1. Exchange and visiting students from countries with SEPA / IBAN (BIC) - money transfer
      The money wil be transferred via SEPA, either to your German bank account or to another bank account of your choice. Please, inform the "Studentenwerk" well in advance to which bank account you would like to have the money transferred.

    2. Exchange and visiting students from countries without SEPA / IBAN (BIC) - money transfer
      Due to the high costs of international transmissions for students from countries not using SEPA - money transfer there is the possibility to get back the deposit in cash, but only on request. Please, inform the "Studentenwerk" at latest one week in advance about your wish to get the deposit back in cash.

  • Bank account

If you opened a German bank account especially for your stay, please, remember to cancel it.

  • Other contracts

If you have concluded other contracts, as e.g. with a fitness centre, for a mobile phone, etc., you have to cancel these contracts in time as well.

  • Health insurance

For those of you who concluded a German health insurance and have to cancel it, you will need the confirmation of your withdrawal  from the university register ("Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung") of the European University Viadrina. Usually, it is sufficient to present this confirmation of withdrawal to the health insurance company. In some cases you might be asked to show a flight or train ticket additionally.

How to receive the confirmation of withdrawal you will learn in the next chapter.

  • Town Hall - "Bürgerbüro" ("Abmeldung")

At the beginning of your stay in Frankfurt (Oder) you had to register at the registration office ("Bürgerbüro") in the town hall. Before going back home, it is mandatory for you to sign off there ("Abmeldung") as well. Please, go to the registration office ("Bürgerbüro") in the town hall about one week before your departure and inform them about your departure date. You will get a written confirmation for this directly there.

Alternatively, it is also possible to do this step online - for this, please fill in the formular available here and then send it per email to: To make filling in of the document easier for you, it is possible to view an English version of the document here - however, please note that you must sent the German version (filled in and signed) to the town hall.

  • Europa-Universität Viadrina ("Exmatrikulation")

At the end of your exchange semester (31.03. or 30.09.) you will be signed off the register of the European University Viadrina automatically. If you need to be signed off earlier you have to apply for the withdrawal ("Exmatrikulation"). Please, do not withdraw before all your exams are done!

  • How to?

  1. fill in the Application for withdrawal
    First, you have to fill in the application for withdrawal ("Antrag auf Exmatrikulation"). For the day of removal form the unviersity register you need to fill the day of your departure from Germany.

  2. the signatures for the application for withdrawal
    The following signatures are required for your application:

    1. your own

    2. University Library

  3. Confirmation of withdrawal ("Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung")
    You can submit the filled in and duly signed application for withdrawal from the university register at the Service Point in AM or to the university's registration office ("Immatrikulationsamt") during their office hours. The day after you will find your confirmation of withdrawal ("Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung") in viaCampus for download and printing.