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    Important Information concerning
    Application Procedures for the summer semester 2022

     Contrary to some information on these pages, the following currently applies:

    • Application periods:
      • for International Business Administration (M.Sc.):
        >> Please note! Current deadline extension:  
        01.11.-15.01.2022 <<
      • for all other Master Programs:   01.12.2021 - 15.01.2022
      • for Digital Entrepreneurship (M.A.):   Applications are only possible for winter semester!

    • Certifications: Documents and forms are accepted without official certification if it is currently not possible to obtain them.

    • Translations: Translations must be issued by a sworn translator.

    • Mail delivery: If submission in paper form is currently not possible, documents and forms will be accepted digitally, as an upload for the online application. Only, if such an upload is not provided for your desired degree program, we will accept the complete documents (see below Step 2) by email to

    • Please note:
      If you are admitted to study at the Viadrina, i.e. you have received a study place, all documents and forms must be submitted to the Viadrina in the required form (see below Step 2) latest for enrollment (paper form!).


The information on this website concerns
foreign applicants with foreign certificates!

All other applicants follow the German Application Rules’. This applies to all those who:

  • are a German passport holder (regardless if you have dual citizenship), even if you have a foreign university degree (Bachelor or equivalent).
  • do not have any German citizenship, but have a German university degree (Bachelor or equivalent).

In addition to the documents described there, you must also submit a certified copy and an official translation of your university degree (Bachelor or equivalent).

Step 1: Choose A Program

Please inform yourself about the program you are interested in:

      • sorted by faculty:

Further information about each study program can be acquired at the following events:


Step 2:  Preparation - Documents and Forms

Please prepare all of the required documents and forms to submit with your program application.

Be aware!

  • All required documents must be completed, mailed, and arrived before the application deadline! The postmark does not count!
  • Depending on your study program, additional documents may be required with those already mentioned above!


Step 3:  Application Procedures

a) What to do, if you have a foreign university degree (Bachelor or equivalent)?

Please note:

Applications for the Master program "International Business Administration" are processed by uni-assist. Fill out the online application at uni-assist. For your application via uni-assist you need all required documents and forms (see above Step 2), plus eventually necessary documents for uni-assist. Inform yourself accordingly!

All other Master programs:

1. Register in viaCampus:

  • Applications for all other Master programs must be done ONLINE using viaCampus!
  • The portal is available in German and English language.
  • It will be opened approx. 6 weeks before the deadline for applications (usually on June 1st for the winter semester and on December 1st for the summer semester). Please, pay attention to possible modifications according to the program you apply for. It is not possible to apply earlier!

2. Online Application:

  • When applying online, please follow the advices and instructions given in the portal.
  • At the end you have to submit the online application!
  • After the submission of the online application a PDF-file will be generated. Print it!

3. Send all documents:

  • The first page of the generated PDF-file is the application request form.
  • You have to print it, sign it personally by hand, and send it together with all required documents to:

    Europa-Universität Viadrina
    Grosse Scharrnstrasse 59
    D-15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Application periods:


  • For winter semester:   01. Jun. - 15. Jul.
  • For summer semester:   01. Dec. - 15. Jan.

International Business Administration (M.Sc.)

  • For winter semester:   01. - 31. May
  • For summer semester: 01. - 30. Nov.
    >> Please note! <<
    >> Deadline extension until 15.01.2022 <<

Some of our postgraduate programs can have different deadlines!

  • Please, check the respective webpages.


All required documents must reach the Viadrina or to uni-assist in PAPER FORM before the end of the deadline! The postmark does not count! It is NOT SUFFICIENT to send the application documents by e-mail! You have to send all documents in paper form to the Viadrina or to uni-assist!

b) What to do, if you have a German university degree (Bachelor or equivalent)?

For a program with restricted number of places (numerus clausus), please, follow the rules set for Germans and apply directly at Viadrina

For a program without restricted number of places (no numerus clausus) you can enroll directly at Viadrina.

Deadlines for Applications:


  • For winter semester:   15. Jul.
  • For summer semester:   15. Jan.

International Business Administration (M.Sc.)

  • For winter semester:   01. - 31. May
  • For summer semester:   01. - 30. Nov.
    >> Please note! <<
    >> Deadline extension until 15.01.2022 <<

Some of our postgraduate programs can have different deadlines!

  • Please, check the respective webpages.

All required documents must be submitted in paper form before the deadline! The postmark does not count!

Deadlines for Enrollment:

  • For winter semester:   15. Sep.
  • For summer semester:   15. Mar.

Pay attention to possible changes!

All required documents must be submitted in paper form before the deadline! The postmark does not count!

What next?

You have submitted your application in time by post - what next?

Please note the status changes as well as comments of the admissions office in viaCampusYou will be informed about the status changes by e-mail.

  • If your application documents meet the requirements of completeness and form, you will participate in the admission process.
  • If your application does not meet the requirements, you will be excluded from the admission process.

The status changes concern amongst others as well admission or rejection after completion of the admission process, which will be announced within 6 weeks after the end of the application deadline.

  • Admissions, together with details for enrollment, will be provided online in viaCampus.
  • Rejections will be provided online in viaCampus as well.


Step 4:  Enrollment

If you have got admission for studying, you can enroll at the university.

Information about enrollment you will find in viaCampus as well as at du.deine uni.

  • Study programs with restricted number of places:

The enrollment has to be done online in viaCampus.
At the end of the online enrollment a PDF-file will be generated. Page 1 you need to print and sign personally by hand, and to submit it together with all necessary documents. From page 2 you will find information about the required documents.

  • Study programs without restricted number of places

Please check in viaCampus if you possibly need to submit any missing documents.


Step 5:  Comply with the Formalities

You must have valid health insurance to enroll at a German university!

Short information:

  • Applicants from within the European Union:
    You do not need a German health insurance policy. Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid for study in Germany. If you do not already have this card, you will need to order the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your insurance company in your home country well in advance.

  • Applicants from beyond the European Union:
    For you, a German health insurance policy is obligatory. After you arrival in Frankfurt (Oder), you will have to set up such a policy with a German health insurance company.