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About the University

The Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) was founded on 13 October 1906 and is considered to be the best school of economics in Poland. It is involved in numerous European cooperation's such as CEMS, Erasmus, EUA and Partnership in International Management (PIM). The university has approx. 23,000 students who benefit from the mostly low numbers of students in a course (max. 30-40).

The city

Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city. The city is the ninth most populous in the European Union. It lies on the Vistula and has over 1.7 million inhabitants.

Application procedure:

Students apply for the double degree programme at the Department Viadrina International Affairs. Detailed information on the application procedure and the deadlines can be found under application form.

As a part of your application, you will be invited to an interview with staff from both the Viadrina and the SGH.


  • Only for students of the Bachelor programmes International Business Administration and Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre at the Viadrina.
  • Before starting the programme you need at least 102 ECTS.
  • Good performance in microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics.
  • Please note the information below regarding the language skills.


  • CEFR B2 (equivalent to Unicert II) or
  • CAE (C), TOEFL iBT 79, IELTS 6.0, LCCI Level 3 (Pass), TOEIC – 750 or
  • Confirmation from the language center that you have the required language skills.

Polish: Language skills are appreciated but not a requirement.

Winter semester: End of September – mid February.
Summer semester: Mid February – end of June.

You can find the exact semester times on the SGH homepage.

You can only start in the winter semester at the SGH where you will be one year.

Course selection: During your stay at the SGH, you can choose between the following fields of study, depending on your specialisation at the Viadrina:

You must complete at least 60 ECTS points of SGH courses. These will be recognized at the Viadrina after consultation. Since most courses at the SGH have 3 - 4.5 ECTS credits, two courses at the SGH have to be combined for the credit of one course at the Viadrina. Depending on the chosen field of study at the SGH, the courses to be taken differ (see fields of study).

Type of teaching: The courses are rather small, with a maximum of 30 - 40 participants. For courses with a lower number of ECTS, the workload is correspondingly lower.

In order to receive a degree from the Viadrina it is necessary to complete the modules in your course of study. For this purpose, you can, in consultation with us, have courses recognized which you completed as part of the DD programme abroad.

In order to obtain a degree from the the SGH you have to complete the required courses there, depending on the field of study you have chosen. The certificates/qualifications you receive from Viadrina are also recognized by the SGH.

You write a Bachelor Thesis, which is valid for your degree at the SGH and the Viadrina. Your thesis will be evaluated with 10 ECTS at the SGH and 12 ECTS at the Viadrina. You write your thesis at the SGH and have to follow the guidelines of the Polish Institution. Your grade for Bachelor Thesis will then be recognised at the Viadrina. It can be written in English or Polish.

You must defend your thesis at the SGH in an oral examination.

Semester off: Please note that it is not possible for you to take a semester off during your second semester in Poland as the master’s thesis is written during this period. You can apply for a semester off for the first semester abroad. However, in this case, you cannot receive acceptance for foreign certificates or examinations.

Health insurance: If you have compulsory German health insurance and possess a European Health Insurance Card you are entitled to basic coverage in other European countries. However, if you stay abroad for a longer period it is recommended that you take out additional insurance.

Accommodation: There are two halls or residence near the campus. The SGH arranges the rental. There are double rooms available for PLN 400 per month. Private accommodation currently costs approx. 800 - 1600 PLN per month.

The journey: The best way to travel to the SGH is the Warsaw Express (journey time approx. 5.5 hours). If you book in advance, the ticket costs approx. 30€ and you can take as much luggage as you want.

Living expenses: Approx. 600€ - 800€ per month.

Visa: Not necessary for EU citizens with a valid passport or identity card. If you are not a EU citizen you should refer to the visa regulations on the website of the Polish Embassy.

You can find the most up-to-date student reports under the keyword "Poland" on our website.