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International dual degrees: Cultural Studies

1. Requirements for acceptance in the program

The following conditions have to be fulfilled in order to be accepted for a dual program:

  1. You are properly enrolled at the European University Viadrina. (Exception: in the double degree programs with the Université de Strasbourg and the Istanbul Bilgi University in the field of European Studies, you can apply as part of the regular application procedure for the Master European Studies. More information can be found here)

  2.  You have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).  

  3. Good grades and language skills in the language of tuition (or the language of the country) are necessary in order to be accepted into the program as you will be actively involved in lessons from the beginning and various tests and exams, e.g. presentations, papers, have to be passed. You can prove that you have sufficient language skills by, e.g. including the relevant language certificates with your application

  4. Applicants also have to fulfil the additional enrolment requirements of the respective partner university.


2. Application formalities

The application procedures vary depending on the course of study. In the case of the dual master with Paris 8 (MASS), you apply to the Department of International Affairs. Further information regarding the application procedure and deadlines can be obtained from the pages relating to the Department of International Affairs under the heading application.

 For the remaining dual master’s courses, you apply directly to the relevant coordinator of the course of study (see chart).

3. Programs

Partner universities
Dual agreements 


Field of Study

Istanbul Bilgi University
(please send your application to the coordinator of the dual master’s)


European Studies

Université de Strasbourg
(for further information please contact the coordinator of the dual master’s)


European Studies

Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza
(please send your application to the coordinator of the dual master’s)


European Studies

Université Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint Denis


Master of Socio-Cultural Studies

Please note: in order for the certificates/qualifications you received abroad to be recognized please contact the coordinator of the relevant course of study. You can find further information about this in the following pages.