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International Cookbook

Welcome to the international cookbook (of Viadrina International Affairs), where you can find dishes and recipes from all over the world, brought to you by not only international students, but also Viadrina friends and colleagues who want to share their culinary experiences with you. We invite you to have a stroll through the world’s kitchens, get to know dishes from different cultures and maybe discover your new favourite recipe to cook at home!

Maybe you will get inspired and want to share some of your recipes too, so do not hesitate to get in contact with us via
We are looking forward to your ideas! We can't wait to fill this cookbook with fantastic pictures and recipes from around the world!

Khushal1 ©Khushal
Börek with chard
Christmas Tiramisu
20181218_162337_2 ©IB

Yassine1 ©copyright by Tantan

Coconut omelet-pancake
coconut omelete ©Iuliia Fedotkova
pancakes ©RitaE auf Pixabay
Mercimek Pilavi
mercimek pilvi ©Hayat Cafe Tarifleri auf
Mexican Tacos
Khushal1 ©Khushal
Ukrainian Borschtsch
_MG_1224_2 ©IB