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VIA-Support for Ukraine

In the following you can find information for students, researchers and university staff who had to flee from the war in Ukraine. Please note that this website is still under construction and updated on a daily basis.

Viadrina International Affairs enables international High school graduates without formal university entry qualifications in Germany to take part in language, subject-based and methodological preparatory courses.You can find further information on the project website of the Viadrina College.

Exchange-Students and Freemover

Please contact Bernd Schünow

Degree-Seeking Students

Please contact Katja Herzel

PhD Students

Please contact until further notice Martina Cors




European University Viadrina is welcoming colleagues fleeing from war – become part of the Viadrina community!

Please contact Martina Cors

1.       Arriving and living in Frankfurt (Oder) and Germany
a. Financial support from the state for registered Ukrainians fleeing the war (approx. 300€/month)
b. Support with accommodation
c. Support for children (approx. 200€/month)
d. Support for other family members (approx. 300€/month)
e. Health insurance for all family members
f. Access to schools and kindergartens are available
We will support you in the registration process and finding suitable accommodation for you and your family. Once registered, you have full access to the above mentioned services and you can travel, move, and return to your home country whenever you want.

2.       Academic Career - Become a Viadrina Scholar!
a. You will be hosted by a matching chair
b. You will be supported in finding funding for your research projects
c. You will have access to our university network and infrastructures as library, databases etc.
d. You can become an active part of our Viadrina community
e. You will have access to funds to attend conferences, workshops, courses…

3.        Looking Ahead…
a. We encourage and support all efforts you take to uphold academic life in your home country.
b. Working together with you we hope to strengthen our universities’ international pro-European network.
We are offering you a new academic home for as long as you wish, but we are aware that your home is somewhere else – we hope for peace and that you are able to return home safely whenever you feel it is possible.

University Staff

Please contact Martina Cors

Staying in Germany

You can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about entering Germany from Ukraine and residing in Germany on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

Staying in Frankfurt (Oder)

If you are planning on staying in Frankfurt (Oder) for now, you can find further information on the information sheet "Ukraine Aid" issued by the city, providing information on registration in Frankfurt (Oder).

Residence permit according to §24 AufenthG ("temporary protection")

During the registration in Frankfurt (Oder) you can apply for a residence permit according to §24 AufenthG, which may result in an entitlement to social benefits (more detailed information on social benefits can be found in the section "Financing"). This residence permit is initially issued for 2 years and can be extended for another year if necessary. Allows employment.

Attention: only valid for Ukrainians; third-country nationals who are family members of Ukrainians; refugees recognized in Ukraine; or third-country nationals with temporary or permanent residence permit of Ukraine who cannot return to their country of origin under safe conditions.

Asylum application

We recommend thorough counseling before filing an asylum application and will be happy to refer you to the appropriate authorities!

We are glad to support you in finding the most suitable solution for you: Do not hesitate to contact us!

Public trains are free of charge in Germany for people fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

Flixbus are free of charge in Poland for people fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

Frankfurt (Oder)

In the student residences of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) there are dormitory places available for prospective Viadrina students and researchers. If need be, a bundle ofthe following can also be provided: plate, cup, cutlery, pillow, duvet, bed linen, fitted sheets, pot, pan, trash bags and toilet paper. Please contact the appropriate person (see above), depending on your status group (e.g. student or researcher).


The student dormitory in Słubice also provides dormitory places. Please contact Agnieszka Bronczyk in this regard.

Support and Emergency Fund "Ukraine"

Viadrina has established a support and emergency aid fund "Ukraine" for scientists, students of the European University Viadrina (EUV) or people who aspire to study at the EUV and are in need due to the war in Ukraine.

This temporary aid is intended to support you in an existing emergency situation to purchase food, items of daily use, clothing and necessary items for a successful study. This is a one-time payment. Direct financial aid is no longer to be provided once other options for financial support (e.g. from BAföG, the basic security benefits or AsylbLG) have been approved or the temporary financial shortage has been compensated.


The application for direct financial aid should be submitted in written form (German or English, exclusively as PDF file) or by e-mail via Viadrina International Affairs (

The application should include details of the financial hardship. This can be based, for example, on the loss of previous sources of finance (e.g. loss of assets due to war, loss of access to own accounts, loss of scholarships and other grants) or property (e.g. learning and working equipment, clothing, living space).

As far as possible, information should be substantiated by appropriate documentation. If no documents are available, a self-declaration of need is sufficient. The correctness of the information must be assured in any case.

For further questions please contact Olena Kulygina or Franziska Reich.


In addition, there are further financing possibilities at the Viadrina, about which we will gladly inform you. Please contact the appropriate person (see above), depending on your status (e.g. student or researcher).

Social benefits in case of a residence permit according to §24AufenthG

This requires you to register at the city, apply for a residence permit under $24 AufenthG (document only in German), and then apply for benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

These social benefits may include the following:

  • Benefits for subsistence (1 person alone: 367€ p.m.).
  • Benefits for accommodation or rent
  • Health & medical care, but only for acute illnesses & pain conditions, treatment/care for pregnant women.

Psychological Counselling Center of the Viadrina

Counseling by university pastors (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox) (only in German)

Les Migras Berlin offers psychological counseling to queer people from Ukraine (Ukr/Rus): 030 / 2152000

Vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination Center Frankfurt (Oder)

Oderturm Arcade, upper floor

Logenstraße 8, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)


The following documents must be brought along: Passport, proof of previous vaccination (if applicable).

COVID-19 testing center

Test Center Frankfurt (Oder)

Karl-Marx-Str. 9, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Without appointment booking.

Please bring your passport!

A German address is required. Please fill in the information of your current place of residence, even if it is only short-term, for example with friends and acquaintances.

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