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Börek with chard (Mangold), feta and yoghurt and refreshing lemon balm water

This is the recipe to our second episode of FForst's Voll Gourmet. It's my roommates and my cooking show which we started during early months of social distancing to keep the fforst present in people's heads. As all cultural venues we are still trying to find ways to open up for an audiences during this times. Through insta live we have found a hygienically appropriate and fun way to do so. The pictures attaches have not been taken by us, but we found them on a page for free downloads. Our bored turned out to be more delicious than presentable. If you try the recipe yourself, let us know how it turned out!

Boerek ©Internet


  1. Pre-heat the oven (180 degrees)
  2. ​Separate the chard leaves from the stalk and cut leaves into thin slices
  3. ​Cut onion
  4. ​Steam both in pan with olive oil for several minutes at medium heat
    (chard contains bitter substances which are removed through the steaming process)
  5. Press the garlic
  6. Add to 350g of yoghurt
  7. Also add eggs and milk
  8. Atir until even consistency

Ab in den Ofen! Your börek should be done after 20-30 minutes.

For the dip:

  1. Chop the mint
  2. Add to rest of yoghurt
  3. Season with salt, pepper & Italian herbs
  4. Crush feta into a soft mass
  5. Mix feta and chard
  6. Place first yufka leave in oven dish
  7. Alternatly spread feta-chard mix and yoghurt on yukfa leaves 
    (We used two leaves at once, so we had two layers of feta-chard and yoghurt each.)
  8. Garnish with grains (classic would be sesame)

In the mean time chop some lemon balm and put it in you water to have a refreshing and healthy summer drink. Instead of lemon balm you can also take actual lemons, cucumbers, oranges, watermelon basically any of your favourite fruit. Adding ginger in your water is an additional health bust, supporting your immune system.

ENJOY!  :-)

About the author:

When fforst was struggling how to stay connected with its community during a time of social distancing, the two members Marie and Zoe started their drunk and fancy cooking show called VOLL GOURMET. The best roommates and friends simply transported their usual crazyness in the kitchen into the fforst instagram world. Focusing on regional and seasonal products the two students of cultural science give their audience tips on where to buy goods in Słubice and Frankfurt, some insights in their studies, free time and life planning and have a special gourmet tip each week.