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Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Campus Bogotá or Campus Manizales)


The Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) is the biggest and most important university in Colombia. It was founded in 1867 and has around 50.000 students, distributed in 9 branches all over the country.  It is a public university, offering an equal access and admission to the Colombian education system.

The UNAL aims to facilitate the economic, technological and cultural developement of the country on a both national and global level and stands for high level investigation and education.

Campus Bogotá: At the UNAL's main campus in Bogotá around 31.500 students are enrolled. Out of them approximately 6.500 study a Master degree at the university. Employing a total amount of 2.000 teachers/profesors, the campus offers a wide range of specializations and fields. With a high amount of green areas, this campus from the UNAL is putting a lot of effort in providing their students with a better quality of live as a student.

Campus Manizales: The Campus in Manizales was founded in 1948, starting with a faculty for engineering and a faculty for Business Administration. Since the faculty was the basis for the campus to develop, it still is taken for the most important one and has a very good image and aknowledgement all over Colombia. Today, the UNAL Campus in Manizales has three faculties and is very popular among students because of its great location in the small town of Manizales.


Bogotá: Capital of Colombia and of the departamento Cundinamarca. The metropolis with its around 7 Million inhabitants forms the biggest city in Colombia and is still considered growing more. The city is a traffic hub as well as the most important economical- and cultural center of the country, providing it with universities, museums and memorials. The capital is located in the andean mountains and offers a a varity of beautiful old mountain-villages to visit  in the surroundings. The cultural and educational offer in Bogotá is very big and diverse.

Manizales: Manizales is the capital of the colombian departamento Caldas and is located in the so called "Zona cafetera" (the coffee zone), which is the main growing and producing area of coffee in Colombia. The city has around 389.000 inhabitants and is - as well as Bogotá - located in the andean montains. That way, the city in the mountains has one of the best climate zones, being refered to as the "area where it is always spring" and has an incredibly beautiful surroundings. Economically,  Manizales is known as well for its amazing coffee as for great cocoa and gold-products. 

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Application/ Special Requierements

For the double-degree program, IBA Master students have to apply at the Department of International Affairs. For more information about the application process and deadlines you can find on your website under the topic Bewerbung or you can come by the office at the office hours.


  • A minimum of two completed semesters before the date of departure
  • Spanish proficiency to level B1-B2 before the date of departure (minimum a completed advanced course or equivalent)
Language proficient 
The language spoken in classes is Spanish. For that matter it is neccesary that you have a sufficient knowledge of the language, in order to participate in the program (usually B1-B2). Um das Studium zu erleichtern, bietet die Universität Spanischkurse für Austauschstudierende an. 
Semester dates

Winter term: August-December
Summer term: February-June

Please check the exact term dates on the homepage of the UNAL.

Please take into account the differing academic calanders of German and Colombian universities.  As a student of the double degree program your semester at the UNAL will either start in the beginning of February or August. You will be one year abroad.

Course Selection / Form of teaching

Master-Program "Business Administration": The MBA is extra occupational. That means that the classes take place in form of block seminars either in the mornings (07:00-09:00 am), in the evenings (06:00-08:00 pm), or on the weekends.

Degree in Manizales: Master "Adminstración"

Degree in Bogotá: Master "Contabilidad y Finanzas" or Master "Ciencias Economicas" or Master "Administración"

Recognition of the study achievements

For general hints to the procedure of Recognition please check the homepage of the Department of International Affairs under the topic recognition

In order to receive a degree from Viadrina, it is neccesary that you complecte the given modules of your career. For that matter, the courses you take in Colombia in the double degree program can get recognized at Viadrina. To make sure that Viadrina will recognize the classes you choose, the careful selection of courses should be agreed with Torsten Glase before your departure to Colombia.

For the Colombian degree it is neccesary to hand in your certificate or the complete Transcript of Records from the UNAL.


The Master-Thesis will be written in English or Spanish and will be supervised at Viadrina. In addition it is neccesary to create an Abstract in English or Spanish.

Useful Tips: Insurance,  Accommodation, Arrival etc.

Insurance: Please inform yourself on time about the possibilities and benefits of your health insurance in case of a longer stay outside of the European Union.

Please check if you need any kind of injection/vaccination. To do so we recomend you to get in touch with the  Tropeninstitut Berlin.

Accomodation: The UNAL does not offer its own dormitories (it is not common in Colombia anyway). The DRE (Dirección de Relaciones Exteriores) is available to help you very kindly with the search for a room or an appartment and mostly offers some possibilities before your departure. In addition it is possible to stay with a host-family where you can rent a room and sometimes also meals.

Arrival: Possible by plane directly to Bogotá

Living costs: 300€-400€ per month

Visa: In general you need a permission if you stay longer than 90 days in Colombia and want to study. For visa regulations please check the website of the Colombian embassy.

You can find experience reports of students (mostly in German) on our Webseite.