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How to fill the Online Learning Agreement

These information will help you to fill out the Online Learning Agreement (OLA).

Please fill out all the mandatory fields!

1. Student Information - Fields of Education:

  • 022 = Social and Cultural Sciences
  • 023 = Linguistics (Germanistics)
  • 0312 = European Studies
  • 041 = Business Administration
  • 042 = Law

2. Sending Institution

Please fill in the coordinator that is responsible for your learning agreement at your home university

3. Receiving Institution - Contact Persons

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

name email phone position
Torsten Glase +49 335 5534 2595 Departmental Coordinator

Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences

name email phone position
Nicole Klück +49 335 5534 2602 Departmental Coordinator

Law Faculty

name email phone position
Prof. Dr. Carmen Thiele +49 335 5534 2363 Departmental Coordinator

4. Proposed Mobility Programme

Please fill in the courses you would like to take.
Planned Period:
winter semester: 10/20..-03/20.. (Oktober till March)
summer semester: 04/20..-09/20.. (April till September)

5. Responsible Person

Please fill in the contact persons from Point 2&3

6. Commitment

After filling out all information, please make sure to sign and send it this way to the next coordinator.