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Your journey to Frankfurt (Oder)

Please, inform us about your arrival at least one week before you arrive to Frankfurt (Oder).
You should also give this information to the Interstudis. This student organisation will provide you with a tutor who will guide and support you during the first days.

When do I arrive?

Please, arrange your arrival during working days!
You will not reach someone at the university or the halls of resdence during the weekend. For those of you intending to live in one of our residence halls, we recommend to arrive during the office hours of the Studentenwerk. If, for some reason, you have to arrive at the weekend, please, give notice to Interstudis.

Please, arrive at Frankfurt (Oder), at least, the week before semester start!
(i.e. for winter semester: end of September and for summer semester: end of March)

How do I travel?

In order to travel to Frankfurt (Oder) you will most probably have to go via Berlin.

  • Berlin is the nearest big town offering mutliple connections, including the BER airport with international flights.

You have the following possibilities to get to Frankfurt (Oder):

  • Arrival via airport BER
    After the arrival at BER, you can either take a taxi or train (FEX, RE7 or RB14) to reach the train station "Ostkreuz". Tickets are available at the ticket-booth. From this train station, you have a direct connection (RE1) to Frankfurt (Oder). You can check the details regarding the train connection here.

  • Arrival by train via Berlin
    Timetables are availabe from the web site of the Deutsche Bahn. Usually, trains are going every 30 minutes from Berlin to Frankfurt (Oder) and are called "Regionalexpress" (RE1). Be aware that the trains can have different destinations, depending on the time. They either go directly to Frankfurt ( Oder ), or via Frankfurt (Oder) to Eisenhüttenstadt or Cottbus.
    Please, makes sure to get off the train not at the train station "Frankfurt (Oder) - Rosengarten" but at the next stop "Frankfurt (Oder)".

  • Arrival by train via Poland
    If you are coming via Poland you can reach Frankfurt (Oder) directly by train.

Welcome to Frankfurt (Oder)!

Please, do not mix up Frankfurt (Oder) and Frankfurt am Main!
These are two different cities!
You may check the interesting podcast "The other Frankfurt" on this topic.

...your next steps...