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Seminars & Workshops Summer Semester 2022

Below you will find a list of our seminars and workshops in English language only. Please find here our seminars in German language.

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Please note: For the registration to our seminars an enrolment in the respective moodle course is required (no password needed). Registrations via e-mail will not be accepted.

Intercultural Competence - Basic Concepts and Practical Implications
(Module 1, Peer Tutoring Certificate in
Intercultural Learning ⇒ more information)
Niki Kasis beginning April 25, 2022
limited number of participants,
please register via moodle
Academic Writing - learning how to prepare your thesis Lena Eckert beginning April 21, 2022 Register via moodle

Workshops and Trainings

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Additionally, we are offering a broad range of cosultations, for example the individual writing consultation, as well as (online) learning support.

You have an idea for a concrete topic or feel the need for a workshop in a specific area of key competences and soft skills? Let us know via