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The Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL) offers students a two-level peer tutoring training and certificate program in the area of the following key competences:



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Structure of the Peer Tutoring Training Modules

After completing Module 1 and 2 of the training and presenting their learning portfolio successfully, students receive a Junior certificate. With this certificate you can apply at the Center for Teaching and Learning in order to work as a Peer Tutor.

Peer tutors support fellow students in their learning process. Both, the learners and the peer tutors, benefit from this collaboration.

Once you have worked for one semester as a Peer Tutor at the Center for Teaching and Learning, and have additionally completed an upskilling Module 3, you will present the learning experiences of the training again, and receive a Senior Certificate.

Basic level - Junior
Module 1 + Module 2 + Presentation = Junior Certificate

Advanced level - Senior
Junior Certificate + Working at the ZLL + Module 3 + Presentation = Senior Certificate

During their training and work, Peer Tutors develop skills and key competences. From those they do not only profit during their own studies but even years beyond their graduation in various contexts of work life.

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Please note: We are still developing our offers so some modules might not be available at the moment.
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