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The Writing Center is the umbrella for all activities related to the key competence of writing at the European University Viadrina. It supports students and doctoral candidates in communicating confidently and persuasively and in using writing as a medium for critical thinking. Conversations about writing processes and texts are something that all writers - accomplished and inexperienced alike - benefit from. 



Are you currently (or in the near future) working on your bachelor's or master's thesis and wondering how best to structure your ideas, or how to cite and revise texts in a proper scientific manner? If you need support, please contact the team of our student writing advisors at:

You can find information about writing consultation on the pages of the Writing Center.

Viadrina Online Lab

The Viadrina Online Lab of the Writing Center.  Here we provide a set of materials that can be used to structure, practice, and reflect on writing processes in studying and teaching ( Materials for Teaching staff for Online Teaching and/or for Students.