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Writing Consultation


For whom?

  • Free of charge for students of all faculties
  • Beginners as well as experienced writers
  • Regardless of whether German is your first language or a foreign language
  • For lawyers: special consultation hours (registration at


By whom?


For what?

  • All types of texts from expert opinions to essays and these
  • From the first ideas to the finished text (and the big in-between)
  • Topic identification, planning, writing techniques, feedback, scientific writing, etc. 



  • As peers, i.e. as fellow students who have been trained in writing advice and who meet as equals,
  • together with you in a team,
  • without pressure and absolutely confidential,
  • in the open writing consultation without an appointment or in the consultation hour with an appointment.



  • Depending on the language skills of the peer tutors, counseling can also take place in languages other than German and English. Just ask!