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Lunchtime Lessons



20 minutes,every second Thursday, 1:30pm, GD03
during the summer term 2023
Come by, registration is not required.

  •  Thursday, 27.04 2023 - Learn the way you want.

Whether alone or in groups, with the help of videos or podcasts - how can you best study for exams? In the lunchtime lesson "Learn the way you want" we get to know our individual learning preferences and brainstorm together how we could keep the learning content for as long as possible. 

  •  Thursday, 11.05.2023 - What´s the text about again? Manage your knowledge!

How effectively do I read scientific texts? In this lunchtime lesson we will reflect together on our reading strategies and collect helpful tips & tricks to deepen our reading process together. Come along!

  • Thursday, 25.05.2023 - Speedreading - read more in less time

You don't have much time but still have a pile of texts on your desk? No problem!
We'll show you a few helpful tricks to speed up your reading process permanently. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Thursday, 08.06.2023 - What was that again? Concentration and sustainable learning

Everyone struggles with concentration difficulties from time to time. It's important to find the cause quickly. Join us for some memory and concentration exercises and find out what you can do to stay focused.

  • Thursday, 22.06. 2023 - Beyond Self-Optimization: Overcoming Learning Obstacles

What is my motivation? How do I find the beginning? In this lunchtime lesson we will talk about strategies to organize yourself when deadlines are pressing and you don't know where to start.

  • Thursday, 06.07. 2023 - Academic writing in a nutshell

In this lunchtime lesson, you will receive basic tips on writing your papers and exams. This ranges from narrowing down the topic to formalities such as correct citation.

 ⇒ Just drop in, registration is not needed.

The lunchtime lessons are an offer of Viadrina Peer-Tutoring.

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