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ERASMUS PLUS Teaching Staff Exchange

If you are planning to visit the Viadrina as a guest lecturer via the Erasmus program and have no academic contact at the Viadrina yet, please follow the guideline for incoming guest lecturers:

1. Timing

Please be aware that it might take some time to receive a reply from the faculties. We recommend to start your request at least 2 months prior to your planned arrival.

2. Documents

In order to inform your matching colleague at the Viadrina about your academic background, please provide the following information in English or German

  • CV
  • List of Publications
  • Letter(s) of interest which indicates, which chair you would like to be placed at and why. Please check our website to find one or several matching chairs
  • Several time slots of weeks you could visit
  • Options of lectures (short syllabi) you would be interested to hold

3. Who to address?

We strongly recommend you to get in touch with the chair of your choice directly with the information listed above. In case you prefer getting placed via the Department of International Affairs, please send all information to Martina Cors (

4. When to come?

We do not place incoming teachers during our semester breaks unless the respective chair states differently. Please check our semester dates here.