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Success at Conferences

Target Audience: Doctoral Candidates (R1)
Datum: Thursday, November 14, and Friday, November 15, 2024 | 9 am - 5 pm | Presence (AM 202)
Trainer: Francesca Carlin

Language: English


Audiences can sit for hours watching a play unfold. Why? Simply put, we humans love stories. Every time we speak in front of an audience, in essence, we are telling a story. However, especially at academic conferences, creating a captivating presentation feels
like a challenge. So, how do we make our stories heard?

This workshop focuses on techniques that help participants find and hone their message, create a compelling narrative, and effectively convey the story of their research and of themselves as individuals as well as manage criticism during feedback sessions. The skills that this workshop develops are essential for all academics wanting to captivate audiences with presentations and to put their best selves forward during discussion rounds.

  • Creating the story: Creation of an effective narrative, dramatic arc of a storyline, honing a message
  • Non-verbal communication: Body language, facial expressions, gestures
  • Voice and Speech (Verbal Delivery): Pace, enunciation and pronunciation, use of pauses and silence
  • Stage Fright: Triggers, transforming the inner critic, techniques to overcome stage fright
  • Presenting: The storyteller and presence, effective techniques and tips for dealing with discussion rounds, practice and assessment