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Disputation Training

Target Group: Advanced PhD Candidates (R1)
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2024 | 9 am - 5 pm | Presence (HG 104)
Trainer: Dr. Simon Golin (Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement)

Language: English


After mountains of subject specific literature, numerous formulated and then discarded hypotheses, perhaps also after experiments, the doctoral thesis is finally complete. But the end of the road has not yet been reached: now follows the oral examination.

After completion of the thesis, personally defending it presents a new challenge for the doctoral candidate. For many, oral examinations are associated with nerves and worries about blackouts. However, they quickly lose their horror if systematic preparation is started in good time. If the process is known, one has found one’s own presentation style and can also deal with
difficult situations in discussions, one can go into the examination more relaxed and is then able to present one’s competencies in an optimal light.

In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to strategically engage with the upcoming oral examination. They develop individual strategies for preparing themselves and learn techniques so they can direct the discussion even at critical points. The following topics are envisaged:

  • What is obligatory and what is freestyle? The expectations of an oral examination
  • All to plan? Self and time management in the preparatory phase
  • The optimal presentation: How do I present myself and my work?
  • The show must go on! Dealing with nerves and difficult situations in discussions
  • The oral examination: My next steps