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Department for Equality Affairs

The Viadrina sees individuality and diversity as an enrichment for all members at the university.

The Department for Equality Affairs stands up for equal treatment among all students and employees by respecting their different situations and life plans. Our goal is to promote a gender and diversity sensitive environment.

For this purpose, we develop new strategies, various offers, programs and measures. In addition, we offer contact points with concrete contact persons.

Our department consists of the following divisions

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The Gender Equality Office advises and supports you in matters of gender equality in your study or job as well as in teaching and research. The Chief Gender Equality Officer accompanies the recruitment of new staff and is a trustworthy contact person in case of discrimination and sexual harassment. Moreover, there are several funding opportunities.
Logo_Familienbüro_190px ©Familienbüro The Family Affairs Office supports you in the compatibility of family duties with your studies or your work. The Family Affairs Office speaks up for a more family friendly university. The Viadrina is a family orientated university where students and employees with family duties are welcome.

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The Viadrina Mentoring is a purposive support program for young female students and young researchers. We offer a program for women of all qualification levels helping them to develop a individual career plan. Our goal is to increase the number of women in leading positions in science and economy.

On the level of the university administration the department for Equality Affairs belongs to the jurisdiction the Vice President of University Development, Equal Opportunities and the Collegium Polonicum.

For further information or if you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.