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Equal Opportunity Department


Equal opportunities at Viadrina means: Students and employees move in a university environment that recognizes diversity, focuses on potential and develops competencies. At the same time, this reduces discrimination and creates a more diverse academic and working culture.

The various offers and measures are aimed in particular at students and employees who are discriminated against and structurally disadvantaged on the basis of their ethnic origin/nationality, gender, sexual identity or orientation, social origin or position, disability and/or racial discrimination. Because individuals may bring several different diversity characteristics to the table, it is important to consider them in context in order to take a comprehensive view of equal opportunity.

The Equal Opportunity Department is in close contact with other organizations inside and outside the university and develops strategies and programs together with them in order to actively promote the development of a diversity-sensitive and discrimination-critical university and academic culture. In addition, we provide contact and advice services as well as specific contact personnel.

At the level of university management, the work areas are assigned to the area of responsibility of the Vice President for University Development, Diversity and Equal Opportunity and for the Collegium Polonicum.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone, or visit us in our offices in the Auditorium Maximum during office hours and by appointment.

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