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Contact point for protection against discrimination

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Complaints Office under the Statute for the Protection against Discrimination and Harassment 

At Viadrina, everyone should be treated fairly and respectfully and protected from discrimination. Therefore, the Senate has established a contact point for protection against discrimination and complaints procedure with the Statute for Protection against Discrimination and Harassment.

All members, relatives and guests of the EUV can turn to the contact point for protection against discrimination if they are discriminated against or experience conflicts at the Viadrina or in connection with the Viadrina.

In a confidential and, if necessary, anonymous setting, there is the possibility to talk about the incident and to weigh up alternative courses of action. One option is to file a formal complaint and go through a complaints procedure. In addition, the parties involved can also agree on a professional conflict resolution.

Viadrina would like to encourage everyone to talk about discriminatory behaviour, to get counselling and to complain. The contact point for protection against discrimination especially wants to encourage those who are unsure whether their case is relevant or clearly assignable to seek dialogue. 

Our Assistance  

The contact persons at the contact point for protection against discrimination are the Chief Gender Equality Officer, Katja Kraft, and the Diversity Manager, Norbert Morach as well as Peter Liebscher/German Department of the University Language Centre. In addition, there are other contact points that offer advice.