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Nationwide surveys and studies show that discrimination at universities is part of the everyday experience of students and employees. In addition to gender-based discrimination (especially sexual harassment), people are exposed to other forms of discrimination. For example, they are discriminated based on their ethnic origin, their age, a disability, their religion and (or) social background and can experience multiple discrimination at the same time.

At Viadrina, too, a survey on students' experiences of discrimination was conducted in 2020 as part of the Diversity Audit. It illustrated that students are particularly exposed to discrimination because of their ethnic origin and gender.

The Diversity Management staff unit and the Equal Opportunity department are therefore working closely together to ensure, on the one hand, the expansion of structures for dealing with cases of discrimination and, on the other, the reduction of structural, institutional and individual discrimination.

A central measure implemented through the adoption of the statutes on protection against discrimination and harassment is the establishment of the contact point for protection against discrimination.

The Diversity Management Unit and the Equal Opportunity Department are working on suitable measures to improve sensitivity and competence in dealing with difference and diversity.

For example, workshops on the topics of diversity and protection against discrimination are designed and carried out. Advice is also offered to academic and administrative departments on how to deal with diversity.

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