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Family Friendliness

Viadrina is a family-friendly university where students and employees with family duties are welcome and receive support through our family office.

The family representative provides advice on all aspects of reconciling studies, career and family. The topics are varied and range from questions about the organization of studies with child(ren) to help in finding a place in kindergartens or extension possibilities of the employment contract to advice for caring relatives. In the parent-child room, parents can bring their child to work and take care of them. Pregnant women can rest in the breastfeeding and rest room. In addition, childcare can be arranged in emergencies for conferences and university events.

Parents who are studying or doing a doctorate are supported financially by being able to have childcare costs reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. Young academics can receive bridge or graduation scholarships, which allow them a financially secure re-entry after a family-related sabbatical or the continuation or completion of their qualification.

The Viadrina is a member of the network "Family in Higher Education". All members commit themselves to defined standards for the compatibility of family duties with studies, teaching, research and science-supporting activities.

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