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Sick children

25_sick_child ©Wynn Smith/ Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Parents can take a leave for the care of sick children until their 13th birthday. This is, if they have a job and do not have anybody in a household who could take care of a sick child . Employers require a doctor’s note stating that the child is sick. Send the carbon copy of the doctor’s note to the HR department as soon as possible, the original needs to be completed and sent to the health insurance company. The HR department will transfer the necessary information to the central salaries department and the health insurance company. You will receive sick pay from the health insurance company amounting to 70% of your gross pay. You and your partner are each entitled to 10 working days sick leave per year for taking care of your sick child. If there are several children, leave for the care of sick children is limited to 25 days per year per parent. Single parents can take a leave of up to 20 daysper year for one child or up to 50 days per year for several children.