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Parental Allowance

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Parents in Germany are entitled to parental leave. In addition, they may receive Parental Allowance for a maximum of 14 months. It is usually granted to all parents, whether or not they are working in paid jobs. Undergraduate and doctoral students who do not work or for whom a scholarship is the main source of income shall receive a minimum monthly payment of 300 Euro for a maximum of 12 months. They do not need to interrupt their studies to be eligible for the Parental Allowance.

Parents who were employed before childbirth receive Parental Allowance in amount of up to 65 percent of after-tax income. According to the EU law, all citizens of the European Union who work or live in Germany are entitled to Parental Allowance in the same . This regulation applies also to Swiss citizens (according to EU-Switzerland Agreement). Parents from other countries with residence permit only for educational purposes (or with a time-limited work permit) are generally not eligible for Parental Benefit. To find out if you qualify for Parental Benefit, please seek consultation with Family Representative.