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Fellows 2022

Tomasz Marzec ©Tomasz Marzec


Name: Tomasz Marzec

Home institution: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 02.01. – 31.03.2022

Research focus: Renewable Energy Law, Energy Law, Cooperative Law, Agricultural Law, Environmental Law, Community Energy

“The German legal regulation on energy cooperatives and renewable energy development is highly relevant to my research. Germany currently has the highest number of energy cooperatives in Europe, making the study of German energy law fundamental to my doctoral dissertation. Viadrina’s Faculty of Business Administration and Economics conducts extensive research on energy cooperatives and communities, which is why I sought consultation with Prof. Dr. Jens Lowitzsch to broaden my scientific perspective and learn about German policy and legal regulation on renewable energy sources. My primary research objective is to evaluate Polish legal regulation on energy cooperatives and draw conclusions to enhance the development of this sector. This objective will be achieved through comparative studies on the legal aspects of energy cooperatives (communities) in the energy systems of various EU member states.”


 Bild Lanko

Name: Luiza Łańko

Home institution: Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Szczecin, Poland

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 08.05. – 03.07.2022

Research focus: Analysis of Legal Acts, Doctrine and Jurisprudence on the Subject of Commercial Companies, Comparison of Companies in Poland and Germany

“The VIP program at Viadrina was well organized. The university’s academic opportunities met all my expectations. The university allowed cooperation with specialists in law area and the use of a well-equipped library. During my research at Viadrina, I established contacts with scientists. I acquired a great deal of literature for my doctorate and was able to compare legal solutions in Germany and Poland.”

 Giorgi Zhorzholiani ©Giorgi Zhorzholiani

Name: Giorgi Zhorzholiani

Home institution: Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 20.01. – 20.03.2022

Research focus: Internet Law, Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Statutory Obligations

“I applied for a graduate research stay at Viadrina because I believe it's one of the best opportunities to focus solely on research and devote maximum time and academic resources to it, while also developing an international research profile and expertise. Viadrina is known for its internationality, interdisciplinarity, and outstanding research opportunities, including a modern library, access to international scientific databases, and a European New School of Digital Studies and Legal Tech Center. As I am preparing my doctoral thesis in the field of law, these facilities and connections will help me to strengthen and extend my research scope and relevance.”

Bild Pedavoah 

Name: Emma Kusuoba Pedavoah

Home institution: University of Ghana, Ghana

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 01.05. – 29.07.2022

Research focus: Linguistics, Semantics

“I decided to apply for a research stay to work with a mentor who will help strengthen the theoretical and methodological foundations of my research. Additionally, I was attracted by the opportunity to have access to the university's library, which has holdings relevant to my research area. Furthermore, the scholarship offered, the serene environment of the university, and the fact that there are researchers with expertise in my area of research were also important factors in my decision to apply.”


Name: Stefania Surdu

Home institution: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 01.04. – 30.04.2022

Research focus: Historical Discourse Analysis, New Historicism, Literary and Cultural Studies

“I decided to embark on a research stay at the Europa-Universität Viadrina in Germany to continue and deepen my dissertation project. The opportunity to interact with historians and researchers in the field of "Modern and Contemporary History" as well as German scholars was crucial to my work. Of particular importance was the approval of Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schoor, who agreed to guide me in studying Zweig's hexalogy. During my stay, I delved into the analysis of the two volumes of the novel cycle that Zweig wrote in exile in Palestine. This stay also allowed me to visit the Arnold-Zweig Archive in Berlin and analyze unpublished manuscripts to complete my doctoral thesis. The research stay was not only a chance for my career but also for a partnership between the Faculty of Cultural Studies at Europa-Universität Viadrina and the Department of German Studies at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași.”

Bild Moshelova

Name: Mila Moshelova

Home institution: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridsky, Bulgaria

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 05.01. – 18.03.2022

Research focus: Party system change, political parties, models of party competition

“I decided to pursue a research stay at Viadrina because I wanted to be part of an enthusiastic team dedicated to developing liberal democracy in Central and Eastern Europe and improving understanding of socio-political phenomena through research. I was particularly interested in the Comparative Political Science department, specifically the work of Professor Michael Minkenberg, which is relevant to my doctoral project. With my research, I aim to examine the discursive competition between established parties of the political center and actors of the radical right in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom and understand the impact of right-wing extremist narratives on the dynamics of party competition.”

 Bild Heilig

Name: Carolin Heilig

Home institution: School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 01.04. – 30.07.2022

Research focus: Poland, Illiberalism, Civil Society, Political Parties, Gender

“After completing my Bachelor's degree in Political Science, I left the German university world and looked for ways to stay in touch with it during my PhD studies in the UK. The V.I.P. program at Viadrina offered a convenient opportunity as the Chair of Comparative Politics under Professor Minkenberg reflected my research interests. I had the chance to meet doctoral students and their research from all over the world, and develop my research and thinking further at the Chair of Comparative Politics. I also enjoyed living on the German-Polish border and took a Polish language course at Viadrina's Language Center and a Slovak language course at Humboldt University in Berlin. During my stay at Viadrina, I worked on a chapter of my PhD thesis which deals with the role of illiberal actors mobilizing on gender issues in Poland. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit Viadrina as a V.I.P. Fellow, and I would like to thank Professor Minkenberg and Dr. Hennig as well as the Viadrina International Affairs team for welcoming me.”

Bild Monteiro-Danese 

Name: Paula Monteiro Danese

Home institution: Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 30.01. – 30.05.2022

Research focus: Public International Law

“As for my personal belief, I consider spending almost one semester abroad an essential aspect to broaden my academic perspectives. In this sense, I have found that Viadrina offers me the academic support and guidance that I need to conduct my research, which deals with a relatively new theme in international law. The professors are always available and eager to assist me in my research, and the access to the library and course materials has been incredibly helpful in the process of developing a solid research dissertation. The main goal of my research is to define a legal framework that addresses how the environment can be protected in cases where national and international armed conflicts have an impact on it, based on the frameworks provided by international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and environmental law, as well as the contribution of the International Law Commission in this regard.”

Bild Nikou 

Name: Stamatia Nikou

Home institution: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 01.08. – 30.09.2022

Research focus: Tortious Liability of Legal Entities in German and Greek Law, Personal Liability and Organizational Duties of Directors

“I applied for a research stay at a foreign university mainly to further develop and promote my research. In other words, it was a great opportunity for me to conduct research in foreign literature and case law and to meet foreign scholars to exchange ideas and information about my research areas. I believe that a short-term stay in a foreign research environment can have a positive impact on the academic progress of a young law researcher. Research at a German university was important for the development of my dissertation because some of the core questions of my research have aroused the interest of German literature and case law over the years. Therefore, it was important to conduct research in a German research environment. The European University Viadrina is a well-organized university that provides foreign doctoral students with all the necessary research opportunities, such as access to the library and electronic legal databases, to easily and efficiently conduct research. My ultimate goal was to promote and further develop my research through a two-month stay at a German university. It was an opportunity not only to enrich my bibliographic sources but also to interact with scholars from around the world, discuss with them, and acquire new knowledge. Without a doubt, the stay of a doctoral candidate in a foreign research environment can have positive consequences for their academic and professional career.”

Bild Pappalardo 

Name: David Pappalardo

Home institution: University of Catania, Italy

Guest institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of stay: 01.10. – 31.12.2022

Research focus: Multilingualism, Identity, Gender

“The knowledge I acquired during my first year of doctoral studies at my home university was not sufficient to continue working on my research project. At Viadrina, I was able to expand my knowledge in the field of linguistics quite well. There were two main reasons why I decided to apply for a research stay at Viadrina. Firstly, I was attracted by the university's geographical location and thematic interest in the cultures of Eastern and Western Europe. Secondly, I needed to be in Germany to be able to interview the female writers from my research project, as they all live in Germany. The goals of my research stay were to conduct at least one interview with an author, refine my research design, and expand my network. All of this would have been nearly impossible at my home university. For this, I am very grateful to Viadrina!“

 picture_Alba grembi ©Alba Grembi

Name: Alba Grembi

Home institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Guest institution: University of Geneva, Switzerland

Period of stay: 01.03. – 31.05.2022

Research focus: International Humanitarian Law, International Maritime Law, Search and Rescue at Sea, Naval Warfare

“The Law Faculty of the University of Geneva hosts one of the leading experts in international humanitarian law, having extensive knowledge vis-à-vis the interplay of international regimes. Engaging, therefore, in discussions on the considered subject with this expert, namely, Marco Sassoli, Professor of international law at the University of Geneva and former director of the Geneva Academy, and Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg, Chair of public international law at the European University Viadrina, at the same time is a rare and valuable opportunity. Moreover, the communication with researchers and recognized personalities in the university and Geneva in general constitutes in itself a mind-opening experience worthy of living.”

 Bild Kleinmann

Name: Johannes Kleinmann

Home institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Guest institution: University of Vienna, Austria

Period of stay: 01.05. – 31.07.2022

Research focus: The discourse on women's work in Poland and its consequences

“I decided to undertake a research stay because I am convinced that international exchange with researchers is particularly enriching. They offer a different perspective, are shaped by other scientific traditions, and can only enhance one's own work. I was at the University of Vienna, which offers ideal research conditions for researchers working on Poland with RECET and Eastern and Southeastern European Studies. Above all, Vienna also has a focus on transformation research, and many renowned researchers work there. My goal was to exchange ideas with researchers in my field, which was successful. I was able to present my topic in different contexts and discuss it with researchers, which greatly advanced my work.”

Bild Schulz-Budick 

Name: Dorothée Schulz-Budick

Home institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Guest institution: University of Oslo, Norway

Period of stay: 21.02. – 01.04.2022

Research focus: Multilingual children, Conversation Analysis, Family Interaction

“Basically, I applied for the research stay to broaden my horizons and live abroad for a while, network with other doctoral students, and receive support from researchers. At the University of Oslo, I was very intensively supported in finding families who would participate in my doctoral project. Additionally, the chances were greater here to find families who speak a Scandinavian language and German or English. The objectives of the stay were to collect data and establish a network. I was able to achieve both objectives.“

 Saimaiti Maimaitiming ©Saimaiti Maimaitiming

Name: Saimaiti Maimaitiming

Home institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Guest institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Period of stay: 01.01. – 31.03.2022

Research focus: Internationalization of Higher Education, Knowledge Transfer, Modernization, Global Intellectual History

“I applied for a research stay because my approach in global history - covering Germany, China, and Turkey - requires me to connect with experts in different countries. The history department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is truly the hub of global historians. All their expertise and publications are essential for my research. Major goals of my research stay at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are getting in touch with more experts in my field and collect more primary and secondary resources.”

 Bild Otlewska-Dräger

Name: Dominika Otlewska-Dräger

Institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of research assistant: 01.07. – 31.12.2022

Research focus: Linguistics, German as a foreign language, pronunciation competence, musical training

“I applied for a research assistant position to gain insights into university research structures, actively contribute to various workflows, and enhance my skills in methodology and data analysis. The "Communicative Borderlands" sub-project at Viadrina provided an opportunity to develop networks with other researchers in the field of linguistics and to advance my research in the German/Polish language context.”

Bild Udoh 

Name: Gabriel Udoh

Institution: European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)

Period of research assistant: 01.02. – 31.07.2022

Research focus: Artificial intelligence in Weapons Systems, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights

“I applied for this research assistant position to work on the project "Intelligent Weaponry: Laws and Ethics" as a research fellow and assistant to a Professor in the Faculty of Law. I believe that working directly with a professor on this project will expose me to specialized aspects of research and enhance my understanding of academia. Furthermore, this opportunity will allow me to network with other fellows, including those from other countries and disciplines, which is highly relevant to my research. I intend to use this fellowship to strengthen my PhD research and expand my network with specialists from various backgrounds and countries.”