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Online Global Gathering


Have you ever made an online presentation? Most likely, yes. But have you ever spontaneously presented an unfamiliar topic in a karaoke format? Our VIP-Fellows 2021 can proudly answer this question with YES! Traditionally, the last Wednesday of the month is the evening of the VIP Global Gathering. This time our fellows had a chance to look at their own PhD-topics as a spectator while somebody else presented it and their hearts beat faster once they had to improvise while presenting an unknown topic. We had a really great time! In case if you missed the last event, you still have a chance to join us for the same format this month! You can also submit your presentation to see others toil with it!

Online Global Gathering


VIP Airlines took off its maiden flight! In our first online Global Gathering this week we took our Fellows 2021 to the European University Viadrina and the city of Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice with a virtual roundtrip. The stop overs between the most important sights in the cities allowed some time for getting to know each other, Q&A sessions and some networking. It was our pleasure to meet you all virtually even before your stay with us at the Viadrina and we hope you will be back on board for our next Global Gathering. Stay tuned for what is about to come!

We actually met in 3D!

August 16, 2021 

We were so lucky to see a few of our current VIP-Fellows during a cruise on the river Oder along the beautiful banks of Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice. The sun even gifted us with some sunrays. Thank you to everyone for sharing your time with us. It was great to get to know you in person!

River cruise in Frankfurt (Oder)

August 26, 2020

Despite the Covid-19 related restrictions, VIP-Fellows had the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon at Uncle Helmut’s Oder river cruise. They enjoyed the new perspective on Frankfurt (Oder) over coffee and cake while getting to know the city and each other better. 

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