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Gender Equality Office of Viadrina

Welcome to the Homepage of Gender Equality Officer of Viadrina! 

The European University of Viadrina aims at genuine gender equality and breaking down existing structural disadvantages. The university pledges itself to consider gender specific impact in each proposal and decision making process. It further committs itself to quality standards of gender equality in Brandenburg’s higher education institutions as well as to research-led gender equality standards of the German Research Association (germ. DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

In 2011, the Academic Senat and the Presidential Board of Viadrina adopted Gender Equality Policy (germ. Gleichstellungskonzept, in German only) for the whole university. The Gender Equality Policy encompasses an analysis of situation in relation to gender equality and derives from it concrete steps and target goals for each particular area. The current Gender Equality Policy have been adopted for a time period 2014 to 2017.

On our homepage you will find reports on the implementation of Gender Equality Policy and information on the current situation. The implementation of the policy is coordinated by Gender Equality Council at Viadrina. Main function in pursuing gender equality at Viadrina has Chief Gender Equality Officer, supported by Decentralized Gender Equality Officers of faculties and of administration and central management. Their duties and tasks are to advise and support university’s bodies and institution in all matters relevant to gender equality, in particular in matters of target agreements, structural and personal decisions as well as of drawing-up and monitoring of Guidelines on Promotion of Women (germ. Frauenförderrichtlinien) and of Gender Equality Policies for Faculties (germ. Dezentrale Gleichstellungspläne).

Gender Equality Officers partake in the filling of posts and appointments, inform university members and are the contact persons for issues of discrimination and harassment based on sex or sexual orientation. Furthermore, we can provide and advise on various advisory services and funding instruments.

We are open for and curious about your suggestions, comments and critique. If you have any question, need an information or support, please feel free to contact us.