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Sexual harassment and assault

The European-University Viadrina is committed to address the issue of sexual violence. It takes incident of sexual violence very seriously and has made preventing and responding to sexual harassment, sexual violence and rape one of its priorities. No person should experience or tolerate sexual harassment or violence of any kind.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassments are unwanted sexual actions, physical contact of a sexual nature,comments of a sexual nature, as well as the unwanted exposure or public exhibition of pornographic images, appraising looks, unwanted suggestive invitations, stalking, threatening with professional disadvantages in case of sexual denial, promising professional advantages in case of sexual complaisance and rape. Rape is an extreme form of sexualised violence, where sexuality is used as a means of showing force, humiliating and subjugating. Further information on sexual violence and its forms on bff website.

If you experienced sexual harassment or assault, there are some options to consider.

Chief Gender Equality Officers or Gender Equality Officers of the Faculties offer an anonymous support and information in person, per email or phone. The counseling is confidential and transparent, any measure will be initiated only with permission of the person reporting sexual harassment and violence. You might want to use services of the Psychological Counseling Service at Viadrina. The Gender Equality Officers and the Psychological Counseling Service at Viadrina are contact points for persons of all genders affected by sexual violence and will assist you in finding further counseling and support.

Document carefully any incident of sexual harassment and/or violence in a written form of “memory log”. It is important to note the date, (exact) time, (exact) place of the incident, description of the perpetrator(s), and if known, the name of the perpetrator(s). If possible, retain and preserve physical and non-physical evidences in the evident of recent assault.

If you were raped you should be medically examined, even if you yourself do not notice any injuries. Immediately after the crime, many victims find it difficult to make a decision about whether to report it to the police. You have plenty of time to think about whether you want to take this step. Whether you report it to the police or not, you can get a (male or female) doctor to immediately secure the evidence (traces of sperm, injuries, bruises). If you later decide to report it to the police, you have access to this evidence. Please consult the information leaflet of Opferhilfe Land Brandenburg e. V. “RAPED NOW WHAT?” for further information on emergency medical care and confidential securing of evidence,

We encourage you to seek advice or report the incident to one of confidential persons at the Viadrina and to make use of our consultation services even though the incident dates a bit longer ago.

Further consultations centers and hotlines:
The Violence Against Women Support Hotline
LARA, Rape Crisis and Counselling Centre
Weisser Ring, nationwide active victim support organisation in Germany
Lesbian Counselling Centre Berlin