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Gender equality is cross-sectional aim of the university and is relevant for various areas of day-to-day university life – in teaching, research and during the studies. Here you can find the contact persons at Viadrina and beyond working on tasks relevant to gender equality.

GENDER EQUALITY OFFICERS are responsible for all issues of gender equality at the university, in particular for the monitoring of apointments. They are contact persons for students, academic and service staff, professors, lecturers and other members of the university. They are recipients of proposals and complaint, they support when needed and counsel – on wish anonymously and confidently. They partake in all decisions and procedures at the university that are relevant for gender equality. They execute the right to participate and make motions in university committees and can give their opinion or submit a proposal.
GENDER EQUALITY COUNCIL is responsible for coordination of the implementation of gender equality at Viadrina.
  • Gender Equality Office
  • Contact Persons at Viadrina
  • in cases of sexualised violence and harrasment
  • municipal, statewide and nationalwide contact persons