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Volkswagen Foundation: Challenges and Potentials for Europe (Summer Schools)

Funding is available for summer schools that aim to equip selected young academics (particularly doctoral candidates but also post-doctoral researchers) with new insights and knowledge on the broad field of “Challenges for Europe”. Participants from at least three different European countries should be involved. Interdisciplinary approaches are appreciated.

Eligible to apply: Scholars at all career levels post-Ph.D. in the humanities, cultural and social sciences working at European universities and research institutes.

Application requirements:

  • The main applicant has to be affiliated with a German university or research institution.
  • Participants from at least three different European countries should be involved.
  • The number of participants should not exceed 60 persons, including the speakers.
  • The participants should significantly outnumber the lecturers.
  • Experts from other countries should also be invited to participate as speakers.
  • The summer school can take place in Germany or another European country. 

Duration: 4 days - 2 weeks.

Funding services: The budget for a summer school is limited to 80,000 EUR:

  • Funds for student/research assistants for preparing and running the event, including the costs for the compilation of working materials and their publication in the internet (or photocopying where required).
  • Expenses for catering and accommodation, rental of premises.
  • Travel expenses for participants and speakers.
  • Funds for child care within the scope of the event.
  • Up to 500 EUR for non-personnel costs (e.g. for materials and event programs).
  • Funds for open access publications and/or science communication measures.

Application process: The proposals should be submitted in English via the electronic application system of the Volkswagen Foundation.


Next deadline: 17.11.2021. Applications have to be submitted at least six months prior to the event date. 


Volkswagen Foundation, Kastanienallee 35, 30519 Hannover


Dr. Annabella Fick
Phone: +49 (0) 511 838 1212

Nicole Richter
Phone: +49 (0) 511 838 1243

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Call for applications

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